Buddhism and bliss


Terry nails it again.

Overnight, nothing will change to make our problems look better. The morning simply brings a new clear light to shine on the things that face us. And yet, as we decide to choose to change our own attitudes and acceptance of what is – as we learn to be happy in the moment of now.. then things do look better. When we cease to fight, and to struggle – when we learn that what is, simply is – then, with tearstained face we can look on what faces us and be glad in the simple things – a ray of sunshine swirling motes of dust into the air, a cup of tea that gently wafts its warm fragrance over our tired hearts, a soft word that reminds us of love, compassion and kindness. What we resist tends to persist in our lives. what we release and accept loses its power to harm us, giving us a true position of power to change our world as we wish.

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