Feb 02

Looking back . . .

rear view objects

I came back from a trip to Edinburgh on the train at the weekend – I love travelling by train, as it gives me a chance to think, to catch up on dreaming and planning. And I like to gaze out of the window and wonder, ponder, and marvel at the beauty of it all, watching the train rushing towards the future. This time, circumstances found me in a backward facing seat, and I watched the countryside recede behind me, vanishing into the distance.

And it caused me to consider a little. . . often, in our lives, there are times we regret. decisions that we make, events that happen that are out of control. Stuff happens.. yet if we’re not careful we stay buried under the weight of the past.feeling guilt over the things that we got wrong, or despair over the times that people let us down. Everything still seems so close, so recent.. and the hold it has on our lives can be huge as we dwell on it, crippling our ability to move on. We hold on to the past so much that it threatens our future.

Sometimes we cling wistfully to the past – to memories of what we think were better times, to golden days past where life seemed to be better, easier. Even the good memories can limit our ability to live in the present, to truly enjoy THIS moment, to be content with what’s happening right now.

In reality, the past is pretty much like the scenery rushing away behind the train – interesting, worthy of thought, beautiful (a lot of it), darned ugly (some of it) and just plain dull (the rest of it). Yet it lacks the power to hurt us, to constrain us, to hold us down. Used as a springboard for learning, it can catapult us to new heights. I went through my experience of 2014 and captured about twenty key learning points that will help mould my 2015. Then I threw away my 2014 planner and started again.

So. what are you holding onto that’s slowing you down? And when would now be a good time to let go of it..?


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PS one of the things I decided to let go of was a sense of failure over all the things I planned to do last year but didn’t – so expect to see more posts and stuff coming up..