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In “Big Magic”, the wonderful book on creativity by Elizabeth Gilbert, she talks about those moments when she finds herself bruised and battered, her ego damaged from some failure or criticism. It’s at these points that she asks the question of her soul: “what is it that you want, dear one?” And the answer is always the same: “more wonder please”.

We need wonder in our lives.

Let yourself be driven by curiosity, by wonder, by magic. Allow yourself to be intrigued by anything – a raindrop, a cobweb, the pattern on a brick wall, the playfulness of a kitten, the power of a waterfall as it cascades down a mountain, the trickle of a stream. Despite what the experts might tell you, it’s OK to be drawn into a late night exploration of YouTube videos that delight and fascinate. Listen to people’s stories and marvel at the richness and variety of their path through this amazing journey we call ‘life’. Stay curious.

Gaze – really gaze – on anything that looks beautiful to you – on nature, on art, sculpture – and allow yourself to wonder. Seek out the places that make you go “wow”. Invest in the experiences that truly take your breath away. You will never manage to cram enough “wow” into your life, but at least give it a try and see how much you can squeeze in.

If your life isn’t filling you with enough moments of wonder, then there’s something wrong. Seek it out, pursue it with all your heart, with every single fibre of your being, because that’s what you are crying out to experience. the sheer wonder and joy of being alive. Find those things and go do them. Decide that you won’t let anything get in the way of it. Let nature be a source of wonder and marvel for you. Take nothing for granted. Find wonder in the way a child plays, in the antics of your family pet. Find experiences and moments that take your breath away.

Allow the magic that threads through this world to find its expression in you. Open yourself up to the incredible creative possibilities that surround each and every one of us. Release it and allow it to spring up and change your life – allow your expectations to shatter and transform into something totally new. Thrill at the way that life weaves itself into the perfect pattern as we allow ourselves to be swept along on an exhilarating tide of synchronicity and coincidence. 

Prepare yourself for wonder – and wonder will find you.



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