Finding the big happy

big happy

It’s been a busy weekend for me. my friend is celebrating ten years running her dance school, so it was all stops out for the celebration weekend. which went a bit like this:

Motorcycle 20 miles to van rental. Arrive late. Too late. Motorcycle 50 miles to dance venue instead of going in van. Lay dance floor and set up event. Run event til 3am. Pick up dance floor and tear down event. Motorcycle (brr) 10 miles to hotel. Get two hours sleep. Wake up, motorcycle 40 miles to van rental (even more brr). Get van. Drive 50 miles back to dance venue. Put floor in van. Drive 20 miles to gala dinner venue. Lay floor and set up event. Run event til midnight, eat dinner, hand out prizes, dance. Pick up dance floor and tear down event. Load van. Drive 20 miles to hotel. Get 6 hours sleep. Wake up, drive 10 miles unload floor out of van. And have breakfast, go for a walk. and feel very very happy. If very slightly exhausted.

The previous few days I’ve spent plotting with some others and preparing one or two surprises for my friend, who promptly bursts into tears. Fortunately, these are happy tears.

And today, I feel deeply deeply content, deeply deeply peaceful and deeply deeply happy. I feel totally ‘on purpose’ and fulfilled. I’ve not advanced my life a great deal.. but I have helped about a hundred and fifty people – people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, different abilities – have a fabulous weekend – building confidence, laughing, feeling good. and helped my friend feel loved, fulfilled and proud of what she’s achieved.

And this seems to be where the big happy can be found – as we find ways to make those around us happy, as we find ways to help them fulfil their goals, find their path, become more confident, live their dreams – as we cry with them, laugh with them, grieve with them. as we help them find their own big happy, then the big happy finds us.

My life isn’t about me – it’s about all the people that I come into contact with, from my closest friends and family to the supermarket cashier and the hotel receptionist. Your life isn’t about you, either – it’s about everyone that you brush up against during the day, about each of the people that you meet, no matter how fleetingly, and in every moment have the chance to bring life, and joy, and hope, and peace – the chance to help them see themselves through the eyes of love.

May the big happy seek you out, track you down, and wrap its arms around you this week.


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