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dust magic

Do you ever have something that you read from time to time that sends shivers down your spine every time you read it? Something that stays with you and calls out to you, that seems somehow secretly significant? That sense that something infinitely precious is being communicated, that the world stops and waits to hear your response – poised, waiting with bated breath for you to hear what’s being said.

For me, one of those quotations that causes me to catch my breath every time I read it is this one.. five simple words:

“We’re not dust, we’re magic!”

And when I read that, something opens in my heart.

Those words come from “Bridge Across Forever” by Richard Bach. Richard, of course, is the author of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” and “Illusions”.. but this is from the account of his love affair with actress Leslie Parrish. He writes in the introduction “This is a story about a knight who was dying, and the princess who saved his life.” And so it is. It is a story of the magic of simply being alive.

Because there is magic alive in this world. Hidden away in plain sight. The crackling magic of selfless love. The fairy dust of our ability to change our lives in an instant. The breathtaking power of our ability to create, to transform, to change the world. Each and every one of us holds the magical power of the Universe in our hands, ready to be used for good or evil – to build up, to heal, to create – or to tear down, to curse, to destroy.

It seems that we know, intuitively, that there is something else, some deeper ability lost to humanity. It’s why stories like “Lord of the Rings”, “Eragon” and the Harry Potter series seem to resonate with us. We mourn the loss of Terry Pratchett whose Discoworld series seemed be the bridge between this world and a magical universe. Films like “The Matrix” appear have more than a grain of truth to them – and isn’t the story of The Doctor simply the story of a magician.. with a box? Stories of the faerie folk, of dragons, wizards, legends of Merlin, the mystical powers of the shaman, the mythology of the Aboriginal dreamtime seem somehow real. We know, somehow, instinctively, that there is more here than meets the eye. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of it in the new physics.. the concept of quantum entanglement, the existence of the zero point field and more mysteries that unfold every day – all seem to be clues to a world where the usual rules do not apply.

For sure, sometimes we fear that we’re wrong . . .

“We think, sometimes, there’s not a dragon left. Not one brave knight, not a single princess gliding through secret forests, enchanting deer and butterflies with her smile.  We think sometimes that ours is an age past frontiers, past adventures.  Destiny, it’s way over the horizon, glowing shadows galloped past long ago and gone.

What a pleasure to be wrong. Princesses, knights, enchantments and dragons, mystery and adventure … not only are they here-and-now, they’re all that ever lived on earth!

Masters of reality still meet us in dreams to tell us that we’ve never lost the shield we need against dragons, that blue-fire voltage arcs through us now to change our world as we wish. Intuition whispers true: We’re not dust, we’re magic!”

So just sometimes, just for fun, let go of the grown up act that put aside such foolish childishness. Reach back and remember a time long ago..or maybe not so far back..when for you, magic was real, and where anything was possible.

Then breathe it into your soul and remind yourself: you’re not dust. you’re magic.



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