It’s your choice . . .

Sydney Harris, the US news correspondent, told of visiting a friend for a weekend. Each evening he would walk to the corner with his friend to buy the evening newspaper. Although the friend was cheerful and pleasant, the newspaper seller would always reply with a grunt. Harris commented one night “he’s a mighty unpleasant fellow, isn’t he?” His friend replied “Oh, he’s always that way.” “But why are you so nice to him?” Harris challenged him. His friend replied, with some puzzlement: “But why should I let him determine how I am going to act?”

Here was a man who knew that his chief responsibility in life was to act the part of his divinity. Why should any man cause him to lower his consciousness and thus reduce his whole experience of life? 

You may not be able to change or control the people around you – but you can determine the level of consciousness on which you meet them and react to them.

There is that in you that can never be hurt, that is always poised and peaceful, that knows that nothing can take your good from you. In this divine state of consciousness, the hurt is healed, the influence of the other person on you is nullified, and you become a healing influence on the world.

– adapted from Eric Butterworth’s marvellous book “Discover the Power Within You”

Worth thinking about, huh?

With love

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