Perhaps it’s time to ride the wild wind….


As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear tears at the soul of man, stopping us from achieving, from creating, from being. Fear stops us being free, it loops a fine wire of comfort around our hearts – while we stay within that place, we are safe. and yet ‘being safe’ was not what we were made for.

We were made to soar, to leap, to thrill to the fine line between safety and comfort – not to take foolish risks, but to venture out in a spirit of pioneering freedom. To be more than we are will always mean that we have to stretch beyond – to risk something.  Only as we choose to do something that takes us beyond our fears will we really know what we are capable of doing – and who we are capable of being.

You can choose to be held prisoner by fear – or you can choose to call fear “adventure” and ride the chaos to your dreams.

Which do you choose?

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