The secret of winning…


Sometimes we feel there must be a safe way to move forward. But there isn’t. Whatever it is you want to do – if it’s truly worth doing, there will always be a risk associated with it. It doesn’t matter what it is – changing job, starting a business, falling in love, starting a new class…. there’s always that fear that we’re going to screw it up, fall flat on our faces, look stupid. We have to learn to look at that fear – and call it adventure. Those dreams have appeared in your soul because they will make you grow, cause you to stretch, make you bigger, more truly ‘you’. I’ve learned to recognise the fear of jumping into something new – it’s the same feeing of panic and exhilaration that I get strapped onto a snowboard at the top of a mountain. A friend of mine says that he always gets butterflies – he’s just learned to make them fly in formation.

But beyond that fear – just one small step beyond – there lie your dreams. And the reason you have those dreams… is because you can make them come true. Go get them.

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