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A man who has been hugely influential in my view of the Universe passed on to the next phase of his beingness this week. Wayne Dyer was an incredible author, teacher and leader. His book “The Power of Intention” has been on my bookshelves for many years, and recently I have been exploring many more of his writings. I don’t agree with everything he’s said, and I struggle hugely with his preferred meditation techniques. but I hugely respect him and his legacy, his contribution to my understanding of the power of personal creation, and he fuelled a new interest for me in Taoism and Zen.

You can find more at and it’s worth while downloading the audio “101 ways to Transform Your Life” from there.

Perhaps the one thing that continues to challenge me is this one simple statement:

“Don’t die with the music inside of you.”

Thank you, Dr Dyer.


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