And another year rolls round.and we step boldly into 2015. For some, it’s just a number that changes on a calendar. For some of us, it’s an opportunity to look at the year ahead and decide that we want it to be different from last year.

For me, 2014 was a year of dramatic contrast – some incredible joys, dramatic highs and wonderful happiness – and some deep moments of sadness and frustration. It’s a year in which many of my dreams and plans simply did not happen, a year where I seemed in some ways to step backwards. And yet, simply by choosing differently, 2015 will be very very different.

One of the things I have learned is that while it’s good to have goals, plans, intentions, dreams – we should never limit ourselves to those things. We’ve been taught that we need to have concrete well described goals, with a time frame for achieving them, with a quantifiable end result. And then, say the students of Intention and the Law of Attraction, we give the Universe and our unconscious minds enough to work on. We set our infinitely powerful minds to work on solving the problem, on making things happen. We draw from infinite resources to change our worlds and bring new things into being. And these things work. They really do. And as Oscar Hammerstein II famously observed in South Pacific “You gotta have a dream, [cause] if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”

But that’s the hard work. All those dreams, all those goals? Designed to do one thing. create a different state of feeling. You want to lose 10lb by June? Probably the intention is to feel healthier, to feel more energetic, to be more attractive . . .  That goal to create a new business? Is the intention actually to be a success, to be prosperous . . . That goal to travel the world? Isn’t the intention to be more adventurous, or to be more curious . . .

I know you have some goals – things you want to achieve in 2015. I hope they go beyond the ‘get fit, get healthy, fall in love, make more money, get more stuff’ and into the truly life changing ‘make a difference, change the world, create a new meaning to life’ kinda goals. But those are what coach Martha Beck calls ‘noun-verb’ goals. She suggests you look beyond the goals to the adjectives. How do those goals make you feel? When you get there, what will it be like? Will you feel successful? Empowered? Alive? Wise? Curious? Adventurous? Loving? That’s why I created this picture for 2015.with a list of things we can choose to be, ways we might behave, things that we can recognise in our lives states of being we can simply step into.


So, this year, I started my 2015 planning with a look back at 2014 – there were a whole load of goals there that I didn’t get to. But when I looked behind the goals, I found that I really was behaving differently – that I had changed my state of being. (Oh, for sure, there’s a whole load of things I didn’t get right, and I had to spend a bit of time looking at my mistakes, and forgiving myself for making some really stupid blunders. What’s new?!)

So this year, when I started planning, I looked at what was important to me, the things that I truly value – things like Family, Friendship, Love, Adventure, Spirituality, Health, Purpose, Wisdom. and then I looked at what I wanted to BE in support of those values. Turns out I want to be adventurous, curious, wise, fearless, purposeful, passionate, unlimited. and a whole load more besides. and of course I can choose to simply start to begin to be those today, and grow into those more throughout the year as I choose to behave differently. It’s not so much about the goal – it’s about the journey – and who we become on that journey.

Now, for sure, there are some concrete things that I want to see happen through the year. but I know that the important stuff is in the way I am choosing to behave, in the stuff I am choosing to feel. And once I have decided that, then it becomes a simple process of choosing to step into that every day. And then, as if by magic, all your goals and more start to fall into place..

So. Happy New Year to each and every one of you. May you follow your dream, and may you light a candle this year that no-one can ever extinguish. Remember one thing this year – you really are an amazing creation: full of power, and wisdom, and love, and compassion, and magic.

Much love..

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