You can be “Happier Than God”

In his marvellous book “Happier than God”, Neale Donald Walsch explains the simple secrets to happiness:

Bring an end to Separation Theology. God is not ‘over there’ while man is ‘over here’. We are each an individuation of God, and as such there is no need to find a way to ‘please God’.

Stay in touch with who you are. You are not your body, but a soul travelling with the body to Joy.

Give others the experience you seek. The best way to have any experience is to cause others to have that experience. So if you want to experience Who You Are then help others to have that experience. If you wish to experience love, give love to others. If you wish to be prosperous, assist others in building their prosperity. And so on.

Be clear that nothing you see is real. You are creating your own experience. What is happening is what is happening, but how you are experiencing is something that you are making up.

Decide that you are not your ‘story’. You are not the events that have happened to you, and the reality you have created about the type of person you are. You can drop the story at any time and choose who you want to be in the moment of now.

Have only preferences. Enjoy life as it is presenting itself right now – you don’t need to demand that it be a certain way to be happy.

See the perfection. Judge not, neither condemn. You have drawn the events and the people that you have before you right now, and we use this moment to fulfil life’s potential.

Bypass the drama. Nothing has meaning save the meaning we give it.

Understand sadness. Sadness is not unhappiness, and sadness does not have to make you unhappy. You can experience sadness and grief in the moment which expands the richness of life’s experience, without it changing your life’s happiness.

Stop arguing with life. Stop judging your experiences – what has happened, what is happening, and what you think might happen. It’s OK to observe “what’s so”.

Drop all expectations. Forget about how things ‘should’ be. Expectations place limits on our definition of perfection.

Have compassion for yourself. Don’t make yourself ‘wrong’ even if you feel you deserve it. You are not your past, not even who you were a moment ago.

Speak your truth as soon as you know it. Do not hide your personal truth, your authentic feelings, your here and now experience, least of all from your dearest loved ones. You can share the most difficult truth gently.

Watch the energies, catch the vibe. Pay attention to life’s energies. Match your resonance inside with your resonance outside.

Smile. Smile for no good reason.

Sing. Connect the mind with the heart.

Know what to do when things are really bad. Which is.. do not resist what is occurring. What you resist, persists. Accept the energy, because you can heal it. No matter how bad things get, the interior of you cannot be affected by that which is exterior to you.. unless you decide to let it.

Worth thinking about..

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