Your one rule for 2016

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A while back I discovered this card in a shop round the corner from my home and fell in love with it immediately. The artist (Leigh Standley) has crammed so much of what I feel into one image, and it has been pinned above my desk ever since.

As many of my friends will know, I take the New Year very seriously, as a space in which I take time out to think, to dream, to plan, and above all to listen to my heart as it learns to beat more in synchronisation with Source. I take time to look back at the year – to discover the lessons learned, to look at what I have achieved, and what didn’t quite go to plan. Like for many of my friends, this has not been an easy year, and in one sense it’s a relief to say goodbye to the old and to look to a new future.

Then I close that book and look forward into possibility, into adventure, into new encounters, new opportunities, into a magical world of ‘what if?’

And this year, I’m not placing so much emphasis on my goals – on what I want to achieve, the things I want to do, the adventures I want to have, the contribution I want to make, or the destiny I want to step in to. I’m looking to see who I can BE. As David Whyte said, “What you can plan is too small for you to live. What you can live wholeheartedly will make enough plans”.

For sure, there are some things I want to achieve next year. But they are not the important things – for me, or for you. Who are we going to BE, you and I?

I’m choosing to be bolder, braver, more prepared to stand up for what I believe and to speak my truth. I want to live simpler, with more passion, and more kindness. I want to have a bigger impact on the world. I want to be more magical, more connected to my Source, more in the flow, more truly alive.

I want to be more loving, more peaceful, more inspired. I want to live deeper, be wiser, more grounded. And I know that as I do, people around me will discover more peace, more wisdom and experience more love themselves.

So in 2016, I choose this – to live true to myself and in the end to have only one rule – to BE my wild, courageous, brilliant self. Every. Single. Day.


What is it YOU plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

May you have the most magical, unlimited, abundant year ever – may you never fail to express all of the wild and wondrous things you are – and may every single one of your fabulous dreams come true.


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PS – it’s been a long time coming, but I’m hoping to make a ‘what’s next’ announcement next week. No promises though!

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