Fire and water

I’ve come to the end of my time in Hawai’i now, and I have had an incredible and transformational experience.

My time on the Big Island was one of encountering fire – when I walked through the lava tube I knew that I was entering a new phase of my life, and it just felt as if the fire energized that change, creating the warmth and the flexibility for God to do new things in my life.  I had amazing connections with the spirit and presence of wind, swirling and energizing, blowing away the old to make space for the new, and carrying my prayers right into the heart of God.  I had a true sense of the power of rock – its certainty, consistency and stability.

And if Big Island was about fire, Maui has been about water.  I have swum with honu, the sea turtle, and understood their wisdom and sense of peaceful calm certainty and knowledge that everything is OK.  I have leapt off 35′ ledges into the sea, and into deep water caverns… a sense of bravery and courage that will serve me in the future – a willingness to leap into the unknown.

Each one of these experiences I also experienced as a new cleansing and clearing, creating a new truth in me ready for my new work.

We walked to an amazing waterfall this evening – I walked out and stood underneath the driving water, allowing it to clear away everything, to wash me clean, to excoriate the old, revealing something new and living for me.

As I left the waterfall, I realised that my journal had been in my pocket.. I won’t be using that journal again! And I heard God chuckling as he drove the point home.  All of my previous weaknesses, my old fears, the places where I was ‘stuck’, the areas where I was struggling, my previous failings and my previous incomplete understanding had all been washed away.  And God gently reminded me that, really, there was nothing to wash away – it was only me that needed to know that I am perfect, just as I am…. Only me that needed to know that I am doing just fine… Only me that needed to know that I am perfectly equipped with all that I need for the future.

I sense that God doesn’t want to hang around with what is being achieved in my life through this trip, and he wanted to make sure that I knew that the old was cleared away early on – so now we can build something….

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