My journey

When I set out on my journey round the world (see I knew that it wasn’t just about seeing the sights, about experiencing different cultures, about having adventures, about fun and friendship. I knew it would be about enlarging my world vision and about finding my place in the world. It would be about experiencing my God in a new way. It would be about dicovering who I am, and my purpose and mission.

In some ways, I knew this would be a bit of a pilgrimage – visiting sacred, special and holy places, and allowing some of the world’s great faiths to wash over me, changing my worldview and creating greater understanding.

I knew that this trip would change me at the deepest level – in some ways, I had found myself lost (and I will talk about that in some more detail at some point). There were many things I needed to let go of – many of them wonderful, but no longer serving me. I had beliefs about me that were limiting me, relationships that needed to transform.

As I write, I have felt like a caterpillar that’s retreated into a chrysalis. Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar changes into mush as the cells reconfigure themselves into the beautiful butterfly that will emerge. Right now, I feel like I have just broken free from that chrysalis – I’m a new creature, different yet the same… but I am still trying to dry my wings before I can fly off. In some ways I feel stronger and more powerful than ever before – and in others I feel weak & helpless.

But I know more what I am here for – and I know what God has called me to… at least as far as I need to know for right now! My experience on this path is that God continually surprises me… just when I thought I had it all figured out.

So, I will hope to share some thoughts and some insights with you. I will hope to deepen your understanding and my understanding of Life, of Love, of God, of Humanity.. of anything that comes up.

I’ll share some stuff from my journal, I’ll share some stuff from what I am reading. I’m learning lessons from the experiences that I have and the people I meet, from the sights I see and the wonders that take my breath away. I’m learning from culture, from experience – and from my day to day walk with God.

This blog is open… comment, ask questions, share stuff, help each other. At some point I will share some thoughts on what I have planned for when I return… meanwhile, please accept my thoughts in the spirit they are shared. I do not have the answers. I do not have my life together (ask my kids, ask my closest friends!). I am simply a fellow traveller on the journey that is Life. Let’s explore that adventure together.

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  2. Thanks Tim for sharing this, I had tears in my eyes as I read. I am so happy for you and looking forward to hearing more. Love and hugs Sue xxx

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