Jul 16

Beginning a world tour

It feels as if I have been led to this point, you know – the last few years at Unilever fuelled a pension plan that would enable me to live – frugally, but provided for, while my role at Really Lovely People came to an end at the right time for me to consider this as an option.  My friends seemed to be encouraging me to do something different, and I felt in envy of some of the things they had done.

So what was it going to be about?  Well, partly, a huge pattern interrupt to get me out of my current way of thinking and into something entirely new.  Partly,  moving away from situations that weren’t really serving me very well – things that had become ‘stuck’.  Partly, a chance to see the world, to experience new cultures.  Partly, a desire to experience some of the magical places in the world – to see things I had never seen, to find those places where God stepped into the world.

I’m on this adventure for a reason – not as a holiday (although it will be) – not for the experience (although it will be an amazing experience) but rather to be changed and to be transformed.

So, bring on the adventure, and we’ll see what happens.  I’m ready for God to do anything…..