Hello there – and welcome to ‘Thoughts On The Way’. If you’ve found your way here it’s because you, like me, are a seeker, a pilgrim, someone who’s on a journey through life, looking for answers, looking for illumination – seeking to explore the keys to life, happiness, fulfilment: to dive into the magic of life and purpose. My goal here is to simply share some of the thoughts I’ve been having on the journey – to encourage, to inform, to challenge, to make you think.

My name’s Tim Hodgson. I’m just a student on the path of life, a pilgrim passing through. On my journey I’ve learned from a lot of traditions – from Christianity, from Zen Buddhism, from Taoism, from Hawai’ian Huna, from shamanism, New Thought and many many more. I’ve studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Meditation, Reiki, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. I have a second dan black belt in traditional Shotokan karate. My roots are still in physics and engineering having worked in the technology space from the early days of personal computing, networks and the internet. And I’ve travelled the world, exploring different cultures, different philosophies, different lifestyles, different worlds.

The more I read, the more I study, and the more I seek answers, I have become convinced that the answers are not to be found in one school. The deeper I go, I find more questions than answers, more contradictions than consistency, more paradoxes than simple truth. And so I am still a pilgrim, on a journey – exploring the adventure that is the human experience.

If you’re like me, you have questions. You’re searching for meaning in life. You’re looking for answers, convinced that life can be better – that it’s possible to live more fully, to be more abundant, more fulfilling, happier, with better relationships, more joy, more love…. that life can be more.. magical? For some of us life feels like crushing failure, defeat after defeat, struggle after struggle. For others life seems to lack purpose, direction, or meaning. And maybe you’re pondering the big questions about life -about the Universe and our place in it, about spirituality, about God – the deeper questions. Since you’re here, now, I suspect that’s you.

So let’s do this. Let’s explore some of the things that really matter together. Let’s explore our spirituality, our humanity, our life together on this planet. Let’s look at some of the hard questions together and have some fun along the way.

I’ve hopefully picked up some wisdom on the way. My plan is that it will make it onto this blog. You see, I believe that Life is meant to be incredible. I believe that when we truly connect to our source, when we truly understand how this thing called Life works, when we understand our place in this incredible universe, that we discover that the path we’re on is absolutely wonderful.

Life is meant to be abundant. Life is meant to be filled with joy, happiness, adventure, love, challenge, opportunity. Life is meant to be an amazing, fun filled journey full of discovery, passion, excitement, purpose, meaning – a journey of exploration where we discover that we really do create the reality of our lives – where we find the power that lies within us to create the reality that we want. We were meant to live lives that make a difference – lives that count. As soon as we start to get in touch with that deeper part of ourselves, that magical powerful connection that we have to the Universe, then things start to change. I’m guessing, that since you are here, that you, like me, are on that path to discover the true alchemy of who we truly are.

I’m a seeker, like you. I’m looking to explore the truth that turns each one of us into magical beings – that allows us to access our inner power – the power that comes from being One with All That Is.

But here’s the thing. I don’t want you to simply believe what I say. I don’t want you to just listen to my personal understanding of the truth and simply accept it. I want you to do the work – to decide what you believe for yourself. I hope I can be a guide on your own personal voyage of discovery. I believe I can help you connect to a richer, more powerful, more incredible, more magical, more amazing you.

I’ve been on an incredible journey of my own. I’ve experienced awesome, amazing highs – success, wealth, meaning, adventure, love, abundance and prosperity. And I’ve experienced desperate lows – personal failure, debt, heartbreak, despair. (You can find some of my story in a deeply personal blog post HERE). I’ve had to look at what I held to be true and decide what, for me, is real. Through all of that I have deepened my understanding of humanity and of our place in this incredible universe. I’ve walked through the fire and come out the other side stronger, kinder, more loving, more successful – more deeply spiritual and more truly ‘me’ than ever  before.

I’ve found a new path through life – a new, deeper, more powerful spiritual path, built on my deeply felt Christian faith yet also drawing on the power and freedom of New Thought spirituality, Zen Buddhism and Taoist principles – creating a spirituality that works.

I’m still learning. Still exploring. Still looking for more of what makes us truly Human – and truly Divine. The more I look, the more wonder I find.

What I’ve discovered and what I explore on this site does not provide all the answers. It really is my ‘Thoughts On The Way’ – an exploration of what I am thinking, what I believe, what I am learning.

I’d like the chance to share my journey with you. Follow my thoughts and insights on my blog, through my newsletter, on Twitter. There will be riffs on life, on spirituality, on success and prosperity, on the nature of being, – there will be stories, personal experiences, meditations – all designed to reconnect you to the awesome, incredible, fabulous, talented, beautiful being that you are – to help you discover what success is. To help you discover the magic of who you truly are.

But don’t take my word for it.

Check it out. Find what works for you. If it speaks to your heart, then listen. Pay attention.

This might be the encounter that you’ve been looking for – the encounter that will change your life.


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