In March 2006, a promising new speaker, teacher and leader completed his speaking and platform skills training… and promptly vanished. Those who had listened to him speak had recognised his clarity and insight, and been moved by his passion… and yet… nothing. No workshops, no courses, no speaking events…. just silence. His trainers and peers had all expected him to make a huge impact on the world of spirituality and personal development… and yet there followed fifteen years of silence. And everyone (including him) wondered what had happened.

So what DID happen? If I am honest.. I got a bit lost. Somewhere, in all the training, coaching, leading events, working with people, I had become increasingly disillusioned with the world of personal development.. and I went in search of a different way – a new path. My journey took me from coaching and mentoring, through the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy to the frontiers of New Thought. I travelled to study with visionary leaders like Neale Donald Walsch and Serge Kahili King, Tony Robbins and T Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, Dr Hew Len, Julie Wilbourne and Marianne Williamson, Thich Nhat Hanh and Martha Beck.

I explored the frontiers of the Law of Attraction and the Power of Personal Creation, looking for the keys that made life work. I spent a while with the InterFaith Seminary, and went round the world to investigate Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, shamanism and earth based faiths. I pored over works from past masters of prosperity and abundance – Napoleon Hill, Catherine Ponder, Charles Haanel, Andrew Carnegie, Charles Fillmore, Emilie Cady and more. I looked deeply into the world of energy, of quantum physics, of energy psychology, discovering new approaches to healing and to personal transformation.  I found ways to integrate the power of Qi Gong, Reiki and Japanese martial arts, and fell in love with Huna, the Hawai’ian system of shamanism, and with the simple yet breathtaking teachings of the Conversations with God Foundation. And I took what I’d learned from traditional and modern Christianity, from New Thought spirituality, from my mastery of martial arts and my degree in physics and engineering, and my background in Information Technology and began to weave together a new life experience for myself.

With every learning experience I went through, I took what spoke to my heart, and left that that didn’t work – not discounting anyone’s experience, yet remaining true to my own vision and passion.

Sadly, the quest took me to the depths of personal bankruptcy, where everything that I’d worked for fell away. In the process I lost my house..  my car.. and yet not my vision or my dream. I ended up working in supermarkets and stores, and in call centres and startup technology companies to keep the wolf from the door and to support my family. In unexpected ways I found myself facing my own personal demons – fighting to defeat the fear, the lack of confidence, the insecurity, the loneliness that held me captive in its angry grasp. I spent many hours in the cold, walking by the river bank and clutching a flask of coffee, digging deep into my personal experience and my faith in my God – and through that fire I found my beliefs transformed and my understanding of faith and of the power of the tools of personal transformation solidified into a new and powerful deep internal knowing of my own personal truth. Through this baptism of fire, through this deep and painful time in my life, I still held on to my dreams and to my passion for people – my desire to help change the world.

In search of deeper meaning – and of true adventure – I took a 12 month pilgrimage to explore different cultures and new belief systems, taking me from the Buddhist monks of Thailand and Cambodia, through the shamanistic systems of Hawai’ian Huna and the DreamTime of the Australian aborigines, the natural medicines of Fiji and personal power of Chinese martial arts. Alongside these new experiences, I found a deeper understanding of New Thought spirituality and of the true power behind my own faith – enabling me to forge a new, practical yet powerful approach to life.

And now I’m back.

Drawing on my life experience, on my journey through the fire and my determination to discover the truth that lies at the heart of Life, I’m back and I’m asking questions. I don’t have all the answers. I have my own thoughts, my own theology, my own beliefs: because I have been on my own path, my own pilgrimage, my own journey.

So I’d like to share that journey with you. What I am thinking, what I am feeling, what’s puzzling me, challenging me. I’d love you to join me.

I don’t want you to believe everything I say. I want you to weigh it carefully and decide whether it speaks to your heart. Truth will find a corresponding echo inside you. If it does, then make it your own. Build on it, use it to be a light to your path. If not, then decide what you do believe and know, deep down inside. We’re all on a journey of self discovery, whether we know it or not. You’re here because you are searching, looking to grow, seeking to be more real, more authentic, more powerful – to know more of your inheritance and of who you truly are. That’s what’s brought you to this place. I’ve got some answers… and maybe some questions too. So I really do hope you’ll join me on our journey of exploration into truth, into wisdom, and into power…


Tim lives in a small market town in Northamptonshire, England. He has two grown up children, and when he isn’t writing, blogging, travelling and speaking is a keen cyclist, runner, snowboarder, dancer and keyboard/synthesizer player. He is an experienced martial artist (Traditional Shotokan Karate (2nd dan black belt)) and also trains in Qi Gong & Tai Chi.

What others have said:
“Tim’s vision, interpersonal skills and goal orientation position him for really helping others achieve their dreams and goals”.
(Dave Folsom, Head of Global Technology, Unilever)

“Tim’s charisma from stage instantly draws the audience in… sharing his passion and understanding in a very easy-to-understand way that leaves you wanting more!” (Rachael Land, Coach, Inspired Achievements, London)

“Tim is a powerful trainer, who shares his knowledge in a simple and empowering way. He ‘knows his stuff’ and has real integrity in his teachings.” (Rebecca Pepper, Trainer, R&R Training International, London)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tim both as a coach and presenter and his strength is that he makes it look so effortless! His knowledge, manner, professionalism and flexibility are great assets, his drive and commitment is unquestionable. He is an inspiration!” (Farah, Entrepreneur, London)

“Tim is a fantastic trainer with a real depth of understanding which he communicates in a way that everyone can understand. His openness, communication and style enables participants to relax and learn easily, leaving every student feeling empowered and confident in the knowledge they have gained through his trainings”. (Jen, child development officer, South Wales)

“Tim is one of the most professional and dynamic presenters I have had the pleasure to watch. He has a very intelligent sense of humour and this makes the absorption of the vast information he gives you even more entertaining”. (Gemma, Hypnotherapist, London)

“A powerful inspirational cocktail that slipped down easily from the first sip and left me wanting more. Tim is genuinely caring and infectiously enthusiastic, a natural who makes learning easy and fun”. (Ken, London)

From the post bag
“I felt strong, amazing, confident, and secure again, after a year of much battering… At the end of this difficult journey in my life, you were there. You showed me the finishing line…. I succeeded! I believe in myself, and my abilities, again… instead of trying to persuade myself.. I am. You helped me find my inner strength again; it’s always been there, glowing a little dim for the last year, but now I’m sparkling again. Thank you.…. You don’t know what you did for me….. I do” (Gill, Manchester )

“Your blog brought tears to my eyes. You touch the heart and soul of everyone you meet, I know this as truth. You have one of the most beautiful spirits I have ever met and you need to share this with the world, for the world and for your self. When you speak people listen, when you go on a journey, they follow. They do this because you are there with them, what you see and feel they will also. You do this not because that’s what you are paid to do but because you feel it with every fibre of you. Never lose sight of this. You make a difference in the world in every moment that you are here. You are brave, strong, courageous, loving, and so many other things that only God and your angels know”. (Sarah, Birmingham)