A Love Letter to the World

Ao Nang (24)For a long time, I have felt an urge, a calling, a desire to write a Love Letter to the world – it was as if there was an impetus from some Higher Power that was urging me to do it, impressing on me what needed to be said. I’ve struggled with how to write it, unsure how to approach it – I wanted to impart the true importance and significance of what I was putting on paper, I wanted to bring through with true clarity and force that these were not my thoughts, but straight from the Divine.

I hope I have been a clear and clean channel to write this. I hope I have heard God clearly. I pray I have been able to express the mind and heart of God to you. I hope I have not put my own ‘spin’ on it. I trust that most of this is from the Divine and little of it is of me. I long that it speaks to your hearts, to your minds, to your souls, to the inner depths of your being – that it wakes something deep inside you.

I haven’t written this to communicate deep spiritual principles. I haven’t written this to be poetry, or literature. I haven’t written this to be pretty, or fine words, or a beautiful story. I haven’t even written this to change your thinking about God, about a Higher Intelligence. I certainly haven’t written this to launch a new faith, or to rally people to a cause.

I have simply written this because I was asked to – to express my understanding of God’s love and compassion to a world that’s clearly hurting. I hope that in some way it heals that hurt, that it brings peace, that it brings truth – and that it helps you.

You can read this Love Letter in full HERE



Timothy Hodgson

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