Jan 15

Unlimited Possibility

x-defaultSometimes it seems as if we’re holding out for a hero – waiting for someone to rescue us. We see it in the eyes of those hoping to win the lottery, of those looking for the government to solve their problems. We see it in the suggestion that if only we meet ‘the one’ then our life will be complete.. or the possibility that if we find the right career, or discover our role in life, then everything will come together in a mighty thunderclap of perfection.

Yet we are, ourselves, the pivot on which this universe turns. We are the creative engine that unfolds the future. We are the ones who decide how our lives are to be. We can either accept the status quo, be content with where we are in life, content with what we’ve done, what we’ve experienced, how much we have loved and how much joy we have created.. or we can take hold of the unlimited possibility that runs through our veins – and change things. Each one of us has unbelievable creative power just waiting to be let out. Each one of us has a uniquely different gift to bring to the world – and when we withhold that gift, then the world is impoverished. Some of us will be inventors, engineers, scientists. Others will be artists, painters, sculptors. Others will be writers, bloggers, authors. Still more will be parents, carers, teachers, leaders. For some of us we will be able to demonstrate creativity through our jobs – others through our hobbies and interests – others through relationships, friendships and family life. Some will to it through voluntary work. And each of us can bring that gift simply by choosing to unlock it – choosing to recognise it – choosing to accept it. We are, each one of us, without exception, God’s gift to the world.

St Paul said in his letter to the Romans

“The whole of creation stands on tiptoe to see the wonderful sight of the sons of God coming into their own”

We have the opportunity, today, to step into our inheritance and choose to be the incredible, gorgeous, fabulous creative energy that we truly are.