Feb 21

Who are you?


Believe it or not, you are God’s gift to the universe. Totally unique, absolutely gifted, incredibly talented, more powerful than you know or could ever believe. As Marianne Williamson observes, we are more afraid of our own greatness than of our own shortcomings: “who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”

The world doesn’t need you to be humble. The world isn’t going to get upset if you step into your own truth, your own gift, your own incredible gorgeous power. The world needs you to be YOU… to bring every talent, every gift, every ability that you were created with out to play. We are poorer without you stretching out to be the greatest possible ‘you’. We miss out when you hold your gift back.

And as we step into that gift, as we dare to become who we really are, as we shake off humility, stop shrinking back and stand up to be who we truly are – then we step into a life that truly is worth living.

Join me?

Feb 06

The secret of winning…


Sometimes we feel there must be a safe way to move forward. But there isn’t. Whatever it is you want to do – if it’s truly worth doing, there will always be a risk associated with it. It doesn’t matter what it is – changing job, starting a business, falling in love, starting a new class…. there’s always that fear that we’re going to screw it up, fall flat on our faces, look stupid. We have to learn to look at that fear – and call it adventure. Those dreams have appeared in your soul because they will make you grow, cause you to stretch, make you bigger, more truly ‘you’. I’ve learned to recognise the fear of jumping into something new – it’s the same feeing of panic and exhilaration that I get strapped onto a snowboard at the top of a mountain. A friend of mine says that he always gets butterflies – he’s just learned to make them fly in formation.

But beyond that fear – just one small step beyond – there lie your dreams. And the reason you have those dreams… is because you can make them come true. Go get them.

Jan 28

You are not dust . . .


I’m not sure I want to add too much to this… far better for you to consider it yourself, and let it speak to you. For me, we are all spiritual beings. I have my set of beliefs about what that means. You will have yours. I have deeply spiritual friends who don’t believe in God. I have atheist friends who I also believe to be some of the most spiritual beings I know. And for me, we are, each one of us, on a spiritual journey. A journey into the heart of truth, of wisdom, of power, of magic. The joy of life and the freedom that you have been given – is that you can get to decide what that means.

“We are all born with the perfect power to do and be all things. We have the right to do with it whatever we wish. If we keep our bowl free from rocks, we can go forward and backward in time, walk with the angels, climb the heights and live in paradise. It is everyone’s decision, where and what he is. We are all one, each part of the eternal whole. There is no line that divides one from another or those in body from those in spirit” – Tales of the Night Rainbow

It seems to me that at the core of your being, you are not dust… you’re magic.


Jan 27

It’s Stardust….

infinite potentialSometimes, someone says something that’s worth reflecting on. Author Neil Gaiman often says something that’s worth reflecting on. Neil is the author of lots of wonderful books, including Stardust and American Gods, as well as the amazingly evocative, spooky and thoughtful Sandman comic books.


I’m particularly fond of The Graveyard Book (from which todays quote comes – this may in fact be my favourite quote ever) and I also loved his address to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.. worth reading the whole thing.. but here’s what I took away from it…


First of all: When you start out you have no idea what you are doing. Don’t let that be an excuse for not starting. As Morpheus observed of Neo in ‘The Matrix’:

“Everyone falls the first time. If you never know failure, how can you know success?”

But get going. Make things happen. Some of them will work. Do more of that. Some of them won’t. Learn from those.

Secondly, If you have an idea of what you want to achieve, what you were put here to do, then just go and do that. Don’t deny the call in your soul. Don’t say ‘I couldn’t possibly do that’ or ‘no-one can make money from that’. You’re going to be miserable unless you give free reign to the call of your inner truth.

Thirdly, you’re going to have to deal with the problems of failure. Get used to it. Even when you’ve got experience, you’re going to fail sometimes. But now they’re not beginner’s error. They are real up front slap bang ‘should have known better’ and ‘I feel stupid’ failures. Deal with it. Dust off your pride. Move on.

Fourthly, I hope you’ll make mistakes. Welcome them. Value them. Learn from them. Use them. Remember Post It Notes? That came out of a project that was a huge failure. They invented an apparently useless non stick sticky glue. Yet someone saw the possibility of a non-sticky glue and made 3m a fortune. The history books are littered with things that worked out but that started out in abject failure. Take heart. Sometimes your failures are your greatest successes.

Fifthly, while you are at it, do your thing. Do the stuff that only you can do. We don’t want another version of someone else. We want you. YOU. Uniquely, wonderfully, powerfully you. Only you can bring your unique gift to the party – and the universe is waiting with bated breath for you to do it.

Sixthly. Stuff happens. Serendipity brings things together. Surprises will surprise you. Watch out for them. There is a huge amount of magic going on in the world. I agree with whoever said

“A coincidence is a small miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous”

Pay attention. That song, that movie, that poster, that person you sit next to on the bus, the world is full of coincidences. Learn to spot them.

Seventhly. Make up your own rules. You think there’s a rule book for life. You think there’s some cosmic Santa Claus checking his list? As Neale Donald Walsch records God as saying to him in “Conversations with God”

“There’s only what works and what doesn’t, given what you are trying to achieve”

The greatest things that got done got done by people who decided to ignore the rule book and do it differently. I love this from DiscWorld:

Tiffany: “I thought there were rules?”

Granny Weatherwax “Oh? Really? Did you sign anything? Did you take any kind of oath? No? Then they weren’t your rules.”

The last word goes to Neil:

“And now go, and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes.

Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.”



For Neil’s full address to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia – go HERE

Jan 17

Seeing the beauty

moonIn the movie ‘Serendipity’, John Cusack’s character, Jonathan, has his (somewhat premature) obituary handed to him by his friend, the obituary writer for the New York Times. The movie itself is a riff on destiny and fate, on whether there is something more than just random chance involved in our lives. Part of the obituary read

“Ultimately Jonathan concluded that if we are to live life in harmony with the universe, we must all possess a powerful faith in what the ancients used to call ‘fatum’, what we currently refer to as ‘destiny’.”

“Serendipity” remains one of my favourite movies, because it echoes my belief that there’s something more involved in life – that there is something more than the cold hearted cruelty of blind chance at work here. Whether we call it ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’, ‘the Universe’ or ‘God’, it seems to me that there is something more going on than might immediately meet our eyes – that there is indeed a pattern running through our lives – as Jonathan’s epitaph goes on to say:

“Life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. Rather, it’s a tapestry of events that culminate together in an exquisite, sublime plan”.

As I look back on the events of my life, I could choose to see many of them as unmitigated disasters – moments that have plunged me into despair and left me feeling lost, helpless, confused, and alone. Or I could choose to see the warp and woof of divine destiny threading through each of them: and the longer I reflect on events, the more I can see them fit together, that at the back of them is a beautiful design – a pattern that has helped me to be where I am and freed me to do what I am doing.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details of the tragedies of our lives, so hung up on the drama of the moment, that we fail to step back and look at what is being woven out of what seems like chaos and mayhem.

The book of Isaiah promises:

“Those who grieve will receive a crown of beauty instead of ashes, joy instead of mourning, and thankfulness instead of a spirit of despair.”  (Isaiah 61:3)

– and it seems that when we take a moment to step back, to reflect.. or when we look back at what has happened and where you’ve come from – that everything is working out in a harmony of perfection.

I don’t know if you’re going through a time where everything seems chaotic right now, where it seems that life is sucking your very soul out, and where malign events are piling up one after the other – but I will tell you this… what is happening will, in the end, prove to be for your ultimate wellbeing and for the welfare of your soul.. so have faith that there is meaning in the chaos – and if you find it difficult to find that faith, then, if only for a moment, lean on mine.


PS. That is SO not what I sat down to write this evening… but I hope it has meaning for you. We might get on to what I planned to write – tomorrow!