The HeartStorm Foundation

I have a dream of creating a space in which people can discover their truth as children of the Infinite – to discover what it is to live from the power and the freedom they have as true children of God. And so this page is a stake in the ground, and a statement of faith in that dream.

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“We are in the room to heal the room – we are in the space to heal the space. We are here to love. There is no other reason to be here.” (A Course In Miracles)

Our true purpose – for each and every one of us – is to discover, demonstrate and teach our power as children of Infinite Intelligence – to encourage people to become weavers of their own destinies, and step into their true magic. We are here to change the world’s mind about who they truly are.

Our gift to the world is to help people to see how awesome they are, to see what they are capable of, to help them to connect to the true power of Infinity inside them, to help set them free to step into their true magic and experience true freedom & prosperity. We want to see humanity grow into its true potential – to rediscover their true power – and to encourage individuals step into true prosperity in finance, health, relationships, and in life.

We believe in a place . . .

– where love is all there is.

– where all people are accepted regardless of faith, age, sex, colour, race or sexual orientation.

– where love triumphs over prejudice.

– where miracles happen, where lives are changed.

– where people are healed both emotionally and physically.

– where people can grow into their full potential.

– where people feel safe, secure and certain.

– where love and service can flow out to the world.

– where people are encouraged to explore what’s possible.

– where people can find their own personal experience of the Source of all.

– where people can hear Oneness speak to them.

– where people are blessed, and loved, and wanted.

– where divinity is present in love, in power, and in peace.

– where we have fun as we explore the nature of love and truth.

– where we treasure and care for the Earth and act with love for our environment and the future of the planet.


the worldBy creating a safe space of love where people can encounter God, we are changing lives and changing the world. Through leadership, training, personal and spiritual transformation we enable people to reach their incredible potential.

We know that ours is not necessarily a better way. Ours is just another way.


The Foundation will have

– a core leadership team giving direction and overview

– ministry and functional teams as needed

– regular gatherings

– regular teaching & exploration events on core concepts

– community groups

– a residential leadership and teaching centre

– products and books (and, therefore, a bookshop with internet presence)

love fighting forMeetings

The space created by ‘The Gathering’ is not your usual spiritual event. Bursting with music, with laughter, with joy, with life, this event will explore the world of faith and spirituality with an open mind, allowing the participants to make up their own minds about what’s real and what isn’t, without judgement, without dogma – but in a safe environment where their views are welcomed, valued, honoured and treasured.

“And all creation stands on tiptoe to see the children of Infinite Love come into their own” (Romans 8:19, The Bible)

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