In search of a new hope

We stand on the edge of a new world, a new chapter in the history of mankind. The whole of creation holds its breath to see what humanity will choose. We have created this moment, you and I – a knife edge on which we balance, precariously. We have brought ourselves to the edge, through our wars and violence, through our lack of love and caring, through our rape and destruction of the world that holds us, protects us that brings us life, through our lack of caring, our indifference to our fellow man.

Halong Bay (4)

And yet, balanced as we are on the precipice of disaster, we also find ourselves on the edge of our greatest opportunity. Something else is burning in the heart of mankind. Something else is awakening at the core of our beings. Something else draws us forward, draws us towards our inheritance as sons and daughters of God.

We are evolving, you and I. Stepping into something new, something more incredible, more amazing than we could imagine. We are beginning to remember Who We Truly Are… the power, the raw magic that is our inheritance. We’re beginning to step into that destiny as we begin to recognise that we are, truly, Princes of the Universe – imbued with the supernatural power of our Source – the power to create, to transform, to destroy, to heal.

We are beginning to step into freedom, you and I. Freedom from our self imposed limitations. Freedom from the barriers that we have set around ourselves. Freedom from the sense of what we must or must not do. And as that freedom rises in our hearts, as we let our hearts catch in the wind of God, we say to that which oppresses us ‘set my people free’. Free to have our own experience of God, of Universal Intelligence, of the Divine. Free to experience the world as we want. Free to love and to live as we choose. Free to be who we truly are – and free to be the way we were intended to be.

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