Taking the time . . .

day awayLife is full of pressure. Do this. Do that. Go to work. Fix the house. Look after the kids. Even our social life is under pressure. I really ought to make the most of the weekend. I should go dancing. I should catch up with my friends. We scurry and run from one appointment to the next.

Perhaps it’s time to just.. breathe. To just stop. To take some time without looking for answers, without trying to fix our lives. A couple of years back I found myself on this little beach on an island off the coast of Fiji. No expectations. No demands. Just time to… ponder. Not looking for answers, but just taking the time to listen to what my heart was telling me. I have a sense that I need that time again right now. Not to plan. Not to work out what to do or how to build my business. Not to work out what my life should be like or how to reach my goals. But just to stop. And pay attention to the moment.

I sense I need to. And I know that – while I am not looking for them – answers will come. Understanding will appear. Things will change. And I will be more in touch with my soul, more at peace with the core of my being and the truth of who I am.

Take the time in the next few days to stop. Go watch a sunset. Sit on the beach. Watch the river go past. Listen to the wind blow. The rain fall. And just.. breathe.


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