Every one of us could do with building more confidence – becoming more self assured, more connected to the truth of who you are, able to do anything you choose, to achieve your goals, fulfil your dreams..


Do you want to. . .

1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.png Build incredible self confidence?
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngBe at ease in any social situation?
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngGet the results you want from yourself and from others?
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngStop yourself sabotaging your own self worth?
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngCreate impact on the people you meet?
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngSuccessfully influence the people you need to?
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngBuild immediate connection to the people around you?

This punchy yet powerful book will help you build the confidence you need in any situation. Based on principles drawn from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnosis alongside leading edge science and spiritual thought, this book will allow you to make the shifts you’ve longed to make in your life.

Do you want to feel more at ease in social situations? Would you like to have the nerve to ask for what you want in life? Would you like to feel confident and self assured in any situation you find yourself in?

This book will help you to take a massive step forward in your own self belief.

You’ll learn…

1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngThe secret of absolute unshakable confidence
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngOne thing you can do to remind yourself how great you truly are
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngHow to remain self assured no matter what happens
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngHow to be in control in any situation
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngHow to create new empowering beliefs that truly support you in getting what you want
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngHow to stand, to move, to act, to create real impact on others
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngHow to instantly change how you feel about any situation
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngHow you can use the power of Hawaiian shamanism to create peaceful, powerful and confident states
1376055009_checkmark-bx_thumb110_thumb.pngHow to eliminate the limits that you place on yourself – limits that stop you getting what you want

Ground breaking author Tim Hodgson uses his experience in the world of business, public speaking, personal development and modern spirituality to produce a new take on how you can be the person you truly want to be.

Order from Amazon (it’s not very expensive – but it IS high value!) using the link below. If you don’t have a Kindle, then that’s OK – just download a reading application from Amazon for your PC, Mac, tablet or SmartPhone HERE (and you’ll wonder why you’d never done it before!)