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Ripley says… Happy New Year!

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34415288_10160429581515147_7707758441229451264_nHello. My name is Ripley an’ I am a broken haired lurcher. I’m only two but I have learned one or two things about life an’ I wanted to share them with you. My friend Timmy runs this blog an’ he let me borrow it for a bit.

Have a great year! heart-paw

Ripley’s life lessons . . .

Photo 2019-12-16 14.08.16Live your own style.

Photo 2019-12-02 14.02.33Take time to enjoy the scenery.

Photo 2019-11-24 11.20.45  Life will sometimes bring you strange bedfellows. Embrace them.

Photo 2019-08-04 15.24.32

Enjoy seeing new places.

Photo 2019-11-24 10.47.19  Ignore your critics.

Photo 2019-11-04 13.57.50Always check your friends want to play before bouncin’ all over them.

Follow your own patPhoto 2019-10-25 13.06.27h. It confuses people.

Photo 2019-10-16 14.18.53Always live hopeful.

Photo 2019-10-16 14.16.44 Make sure you get enough chill time.

Photo 2019-10-16 13.39.16Be ready to drop everything to go on a ‘venture with a friend.

Photo 2019-10-11 14.26.34  Be polite.

Photo 2019-10-16 13.28.12Explore everything.

Photo 2019-09-20 20.08.13  Share a laugh with people you love.

Photo 2019-09-10 14.11.41 Have fun.

Photo 2019-11-30 16.59.45 Maintain your boundaries.

Get plenty of exercise . . . Photo 2018-10-22 13.53.25

Photo 2018-10-09 18.33.28 …but know when to stop.

farm 10Always have that one special friend you can be yourself with.

farm 8  Talk to animals. ‘specially dogs.

Photo 2018-09-09 16.47.50

Did I mention getting’ enough chill time?

Muddy Doggy It’s OK to get a little muddy sometimes. It’ll wash off and you may end up smellin’ of raspberries.

Photo 2019-09-20 21.23.04Don’t worry what others think about you.

tuckered Make sure you have somewhere you can feel safe, secure an’ comf’table.

Photo 2019-02-26 19.49.34Learn to listen to good advice

Photo 2019-02-14 13.19.07 If you’re not sure what to do next, have a sit down and listen to what your heart is tellin’ you.

Photo 2018-09-05 14.31.15Sometimes, you just need coffee.

67978066_499483167536949_8660797966086307840_n If it makes you feel good, do it. Even if other folks don’t understand.

Photo 2019-06-20 14.20.59Always be ready to go for a walk in the countryside.

j n r Make lots of time for relaxin’ with a friend.


Eat good food.

Photo 2018-09-05 08.22.30  Devour good books.

Photo 2018-09-04 16.38.34Take an active int’rest in other people’s work.

Photo 2019-02-26 14.21.02 Sometimes, the only thing to do is to just tune out and let the world go by.

Photo 2018-09-06 20.58.59 Remember . . .You be you.

And remember to enjoy the journey . . .

Photo 2018-09-13 18.13.05

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