Tim’s great desire is to help others understand their true personal power – to encourage people to become weavers of their own destinies, creators of their own prosperity, and to step into their true magic – to lead people into a new level of personal evolution and to help them accept their true nature as beings of unlimited power.

As well as running his own workshops and events, Tim is also available to speak at your event. His understanding of the the unique power inside each of us helps him to create a unique experience for groups, keynote speeches, company training events and more.

All events are carefully tailored to the target audience and customised to meet the customer objectives.

IMGP0998_thumb.jpgMotivational Keynotes: thoughtfully crafted motivational and inspirational experiences designed to support your event goals – Tim’s punchy delivery mixed with story and personal experience will lift your event into a magical, enabling and powerful experience.




board-small_thumb.jpgMission Possible: a unique event for your company or team, designed to move individuals to a new level of personal performance and break through their limiting beliefs. This incredible event builds on the powerful experience of a wooden board break, using that as a metaphor to enable them to demolish the barriers that we all construct in our lives, moving forward to a new level of achievement.


IMGP0926_thumb.jpgUnleash Your Personal Power: an introduction to the power of the mind through Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This event will help you understand the nature of your experience and how to change your thoughts, your language and your behaviour to create new results – truly catapulting you to a new level of personal power and helping you accelerate your progress to each one of your personal – and corporate – goals.


bigstockphoto_From_Go_thumb.jpgYou’re Not Broken: Through story, myth, humour, experiential work and guided visualisation, Tim gently leads his audience into a new level of spiritual experience and a new understanding of who they are and just what they are capable of. By reconnecting them to their own unique spirituality and freeing them from the expectations of old style spiritual thought, Tim helps people on their spiritual journey to becoming all they dream of being – and more.

What others are saying . . .

“Tim’s charisma from stage instantly draws the audience in… sharing his passion and understanding of NLP in a very easy-to-understand way that leaves you wanting more!”

(Rachael, Coach, Inspired Achievements, London)

“Tim is a powerful NLP Trainer, who shares his knowledge in a simple and empowering way.

He ‘knows his stuff’ and has real integrity in his teachings.”

(Rebecca, Trainer, R&R Training International, London)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tim both as a coach and presenter and his strength is that he makes it look so effortless! His knowledge, manner, professionalism and flexibility are great assets, his drive and commitment is unquestionable. He is an inspiration!”

(Farah, Entrepreneur, London)

“Tim is a fantastic trainer with a real depth of understanding and knowledge of NLP which he communicates in a way that everyone can understand. His openness, communication and style enables participants to relax and learn easily, leaving every student feeling empowered and confident in the knowledge they have gained through his trainings”.

(Jen, child development officer, South Wales)

“Tim is one of the most professional and dynamic presenters I have had the pleasure to watch. He has a very intelligent sense of humour and this makes the absorption of the vast information he gives you even more entertaining”.

(Gemma, Hypnotherapist, London)

“A powerful inspirational cocktail that slipped down easily from the first sip and left me wanting more.

Tim is genuinely caring and infectiously enthusiastic, a natural who makes learning easy and fun”.

(Ken, London)