I wanted to provide some guidelines for accessing my ebooks – while I can’t provide technical support for Kindle or for Acrobat, I did want to point you in the right direction!


The Kindle version of the ebook is specially formatted for the Kindle. You signed up specially to this programme, so I didn’t want to make this publicly available through the Kindle store. That does mean that you’re going to need to transfer it to the Kindle yourself. There are several ways of doing this:

1. By email. Kindle users have a special email address that can be used to email personal documents to the Kindle. Just attach the Kindle .prc file to an email and send it to that private address – then you will be able to download the book the next time you have access to a WiFi connection. See ‘Sending Personal Documents to Kindle’ on the Amazon site.

2. Using Send to Kindle. If you have the Send to Kindle application installed, then by right clicking on the filename you should have the option to send the Kindle .prc file to your Kindle. See ‘Send  to Kindle’ on the Amazon site.

3. Using USB. By connecting your Kindle to your PC, you can transfer books directly. See ‘Download Kindle content’ and the section ‘Transfer Content via USB’ on the Amazon site.

By the way, did you know that the Kindle application is available for your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, iPad or Android tablet? Now you can read your Kindle books on pretty much any device!


Adobe Acrobat

Most PCs now have Acrobat installed – but if you need it you can download it from the Adobe site – CLICK HERE