Sometimes we come up against an issue that doesn’t seem easy to shift. Sometimes we need specific help with a specific challenge. Sometimes we need someone to stand beside us while we make a change or navigate the patterns of change in our lives. Sometimes the only way to get traction on some of the issues that face us is to stop, take time out and focus on breaking through into a new space.

Tim does have a limited number of slots for individual one to one sessions either face to face or by telephone. Contact him for more information at

Breakthrough sessions: designed to focus on one goal or challenge this 2-3 hour face to face session will break you through the barriers that have held you back so far, and launch you into a new, powerful way of being. It may not be comfortable – but you didn’t want comfort… you wanted results. So expect to be challenged, expect to be provoked, expect to have your world shaken – but above all, expect to be transformed.

“There is only one barrier – the limits we place on ourselves”

Coaching programmes: designed to help you move your life to a new level, a series of one to one sessions by telephone (or optionally face to face) can help you shift in a major area of your life, especially if you have a specific goal to move towards. By focussing on moving your goal forward specifically over a number of weeks, you can step into the next chapter of the life you dream of. You’ll be pushed beyond your comfort zone – challenged to expand the boundaries of your expectation… and encouraged to live your life the way you’ve always wanted to.


“Always take the shot, always make the play, always make the jump, always follow the dream.. And never wonder ‘what if…’ “

What others have said:

“I certainly felt the most prepared, confident and focused I have ever been in a sales presentation situation. I am presenting better than I have before”

(Nigel, Managing Director, Northants)

“I have just finished a course of 6 life coaching sessions with Tim. I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed each of them.

Tim has a very relaxed manner and easy going style which was extremely effective in extracting the best in me. He has considerable experience and extensive knowledge with skills that include NLP. His genuine interest in people and obvious strong desire to help others are a perfect combination for facilitating his clients to find their purpose and achieve their dreams.

If ever I began a coaching session with feelings of hopelessness, by the end, I had realised just what I had achieved and my zest for life would return!

I can’t thank him enough for the help and support he has given to me over the past weeks. He has made a real difference to my life and enabled me to begin my own journey towards being a fantastic life coach!”

(Jane, Chester)

“I had thought that I would be leaving you after five hours, completely exhausted, but in the event, I felt invigorated built up and with energy. Your relaxation techniques have helped me sleep, as has the self hypnosis technique. At least I have now been able to get back off to sleep without a great deal of trouble.”

(David – GP, Cambridgeshire)

“Thanks so much for a brilliant intervention last night”

(Eddi, London)

“I can’t thank you enough, because without the revelation, I would never have thought to take a step back and look at all the possibilities.”

(Keda, S Wales)

“Tim’s vision, interpersonal skills and goal orientation position him for really helping other achieve their dreams and goals”.

(Dave Folsom, Head of Global Technology, Unilever)