The Hawai’ian Oracle–Deciding my Destiny (part 1)

Image (4) - CopyA little more of a personal blog post today.. I’m guessing that that’s likely to be more of how these posts progress into the future. You see, I’m no good at theoretical spirituality where everything’s written down and all I have to do is believe what someone else has told me to… it brings out the inner rebel in me, for one – and I don’t think it’s authentic. In my world, God speaks direct to our hearts. Sometimes through words, sure – sometimes through feelings, sometimes through life’s events. And even when that Universal Intelligence does use words, they’re not always the words we expect. A song…a story…an advertisement…a horoscope…a TV show…a movie…the words of a friend or a lover…

One of my teachers realised this out pretty quickly when we started working together – she would never give me answers, just hints that would lead me toward an answer. On occasions, I wanted to throttle her, but it did mean that I made up my own mind about what was real.

So what I believe is what has become true for me. On my spiritual path that’s meant that I’ve taken on board a core Christianity, Hawai’ian shamanism, Buddhism, New Thought spirituality with some elements of New Age philosophy and a whole load more besides. And for me, it’s fluid. Ever changing. Because I am growing.

So when someone wants to argue dogma and theology with me, it’s a non-starter. Because I don’t care what you’ve been told, what you’ve read. I want to know what you feel. I want to know what burns in your heart. I want to know where you’ve been hurt, and how you’ve been healed. I want to know what’s scorched your soul. I might be interested in what’s in your head – but what’s really important is what’s in your heart.

All of which is a bit of a prelude to what was actually intending to say…and so I think I’ll publish part 2 tomorrow….but I will just leave you with the thought… what do you see in the picture above? What does it say to you?


(The picture is from Rima Morrell’s Hawai’ian Oracle.. of which more tomorrow!)

2 thoughts on “The Hawai’ian Oracle–Deciding my Destiny (part 1)

  1. In the picture I see amazing abundance of green roots and growth that are exploding out from the top of the mountain and the solar system is brightening this – its beautiful! 🙂 x

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