Do not quit on me…

imageHere’s a confession. I’m not a sports fan. At all. And I’m definitely not an American football fan. Despite spending so much time in the USA, I simply do not understand this game. So why is a low circulation movie all about a college football team one of my favourite movies of all time? What is it about this failing team with its frustrated coach that speaks to me? Why does it leave me in tears every single time I watch it?

Because I can see me in there. Because I can see the way that God deals with people – with you, and with me. Because when I’ve watched it, I know that there is nothing that’s impossible when God is on your side.

The movie is ‘Facing The Giants’. I was first introduced to the ‘Death Crawl’ scene by Dan Bradbury, who posted it a while back. (Thanks, Dan!) In this scene, head coach Grant Taylor works with one of his key players to demonstrate just what’s possible when you’re prepared to give it everything – and when you have someone who’s prepared to push you to achieve at your peak. In Brock, the quarterback, he creates a leader who will help change the attitude in the team. And just for that one scene, the movie is worth it. You can see the Death Crawl scene here….’s the beginning of the year – and just about that time when our New Year resolutions are starting to feel a little shaky. I didn’t make any New Year resolutions, by the way. I made commitments to myself that I am going to follow, come hell or high water. Resolutions seem a bit optional, somehow – but a commitment is a commitment.

Are you truly committed to changing your life in 2012 – whether that’s in health and fitness, life balance, wealth and prosperity or in your happiness and sense of being truly alive? Are you prepared to decide, once and for all, not to walk off the field having done anything less than your best – as Coach Taylor puts it?

In the Death Crawl scene, Coach Taylor pushes Brock way beyond the limits he had set for himself – as he carries a 160lb player on his back up the football field, the coach drives him forward mercilessly yet with love and compassion:

“Keep moving. Keep going.  Your very best, keep going, keep driving it. Don’t quit until you’ve got nothing left. Do not quit on me. I know you’re tired, but you negotiate with your body for more strength.”

As always, I’m writing for myself as much as for you.. but what is it, this year, that you are going to see through without surrender, without giving up – no matter how much you might be tempted to, and no matter how much you might feel you just can’t go on?

It’s time to prepare the ground for rain . . . .


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