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A friend of mine (@cjmariachi) sent me a tweet the other day saying that he loved how ‘immodest’ my profile on Twitter was (that’s @timothyhodgson by the way).  Which got me thinking….

I wasn’t quite sure how to deal with the fact that I’d been called out . . . was I maybe overstating who I was and what I did…? I wasn’t sure if I should go back and change it to something a little more reserved, a little more British. Should I be looking for a little more humility? Pride goes before a fall, you know…

I think it’s time we threw off that particular part of our character – because it isn’t doing us much good. We’re really good at shrinking down, at pretending that we’re not as good as we really are. We’re good at hiding our light. Maybe it’s because that way we’re not called on to be amazing – to achieve all we could possibly achieve. Perhaps if people don’t know how wonderful and talented we are, then we’re not going to get called on to achieve everything we’re capable of – and that way, maybe we won’t fail…

So, maybe, we need to start owning up to who we truly are. Humility is fine, I know… and yet there’s something truly sad about hiding to fit in – instead of being proud of who we are and what we’re capable of. For me it’s been a long, hard journey, and I have had the support of my friends who’ve reminded me just who I am and what I’m capable of… and from time to time a gentle nudge from Divine Intelligence just to let me know I’m doing OK. It’s taken years of introspection to step out from shy, retiring geek to someone who knows who he is and what fire runs in his veins.

And, sure, I get my insecure days, too… but deep down inside, there’s something that speaks – that says “This is who you are”.

And I wanted to remind you, too. You’re unique. One of a kind. Special. Spectacular. You have gifts that only you can bring. The world needs each of us, perhaps more than ever before, to step into our truth – to stand up and say ‘this is who I am’ with pride, with certainty, with confidence. To reclaim our identity. To step into our uniqueness, and be the best we can be. Because otherwise, we’re selling the world short.


PS …remember – you are amazing!

PPS – I’m starting work on my new programme – and one of the goals is to remind people just how amazing they are, and what they are truly capable when they step into their true power. Watch this space….



original text and images © Timothy Hodgson 2011

The picture is one from a set by my son, David….

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