New beginnings

Lale Tekapo (9)This time of year seems to be all about new beginnings. Just the time of year, particularly in Northern temperate climates, is all about new growth, fresh starts. In the UK at the moment, trees are coming into bud, daffodils and tulips are bursting through the ground, creating a profusion of beauty where before there was only bare grass. Even the rainfall hints at the support of newness, each droplet of water reflecting a freshness and a promise of refreshment and growth.


As I was out walking this morning, I reflected on some of the healing techniques I had learned – and how, in my model of the world, those healing processes work. For me, it was a new flow of creativity and insight that flowed over me in the rain. But that will have to wait for another day (see, I was paying attention in the marketing classes on teaser campaigns) because right now it’s this concept of newness that inspires me at the moment. And I am learning to respond to the ‘right now’ – the impulse to do something in that moment.

Somehow, it feels like there’s a new hope abroad in the world. For the Hebrews, the new hope came as they escaped from Egypt and began their journey to the promised land… but also for most of them they began to see how incredible life would be under the protection of a supernatural Divine Intelligence – something that they had never experienced before. For Christians, new hope comes at Easter, with the resurrection of Jesus. Buddhists celebrate the coming of the Buddha, bringing enlightenment and wisdom. And so it goes on, it seems.. among so many nations the concept of hope comes. And hope, right now, seems to be what we need.

And it seems true for my friends, too. One of my Facebook friends nailed her colours firmly to the mast recently when she published her faith in Jesus Christ… and that, I know, will bring a new beginning into her life. Another of my friends will begin a new time of growth as he has his head shaved for charity (sorry, dude, couldn’t resist the allusion). Another is already finding new creativity coming for her business and her web site. Some of my friends are finding new hope in their relationships..and others are finding new relationships.

As I think of many of my closest friends I sense that they are beginning to step into a new era of growth and new life – where the dreams they have held for so long begin to come true. And if you are wondering ‘is he talking about me?’ then the answer to that question is ‘Yes. I am’! You know, don’t you, somewhere deep inside, that there is a promise of change, a promise of hope, a promise that things are moving in a new way for you. Begin to believe it. Let it light your heart up and decide that today is the beginning of something new.

Trust the process. Trust what’s happening – but above all remain full of hope. The promise comes to those who wait for it – and for those of you who’ve been waiting, hoping, dreaming, praying, believing… that time is now.


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