It’s a blank canvas

Brambuk Centre (23)So, here we are. Another year. Another blank screen on which we can write whatever we want.

Maybe you’ve made some of the usual New Year’s resolutions. Get fit. Lose weight. Spend more time at home. Work harder. Have more fun. And that’s great. But it’s a bit like writing in pencil in the corner of the canvas.


Isn’t it about time you thought bigger? Isn’t it time you were bold enough to explore the whole canvas? Isn’t it time you used all the colours and painted your future with boldness, with vividness, with colour, with imagination? Isn’t it time you were creative enough to do what you want, to create what you want to see?

I vividly remember spending Millennium New Year’s Eve on my own. I worked until 11pm then hurried off to sit on my own at a black tie ball that my company had paid for just so I could find somewhere to sleep that night. As the fireworks display died away, I stood in the smoke that surrounded me and decided that I was never going to experience that again. I decided that I was going to change my story – to get a story. You know some of that story – I learned to ski and snowboard, I ate fire, I got my karate black belts. I trekked in Peru, rafted the Grand Canyon, dived the Great Barrier Reef. I backpacked across the world. I created my own company, I became a hypnotherapist and helped people to heal their lives. I volunteered at a hospice. I learned more about transformational spirituality than most people I know. I became a great dancer. I went white water rafting. I went abseiling. And I’ve only just started.

What about getting to the end of 2012 and looking back at the most incredible, amazing, transforming year ever? What if you stopped trying to make a living and made a life? What if you dared, this year, to create something that was worthy of who you truly are? What if you dropped the limits and beliefs that you currently have about what you are capable of… and stepped into a new demonstration of your incredible, amazing power. Could you decide to double your income this year? Or quadruple it? Could you decide to go round the world, like I did? Could you decide that this year you will take up hang gliding/ snowboarding/ macrame/ piano playing/ martial arts/ tango or whatever it is that you’ve longed to do but never dared to. Could you decide that this year you’re going to throw caution to the winds and paint your life in bold graffiti across the canvas of 2012 in letters so huge that no-one could ever miss them?

Maybe that’s not for you. Maybe you want to shrink down and play it safe. Maybe you want a quiet life without aspirations, without goals, without dreams. But I don’t think so. Because the very nature of humanity is to reach for the impossible. To grow. To learn. To become bolder, bigger, stronger – to dare something worthy.

What about you? Will you walk with me into 2012 and help turn the world upside down?


(Picture: Aboriginal Art, Red Centre, Autralia, 2010)

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