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On the way to Akaka, Hawai'i (not my morning walk)As I was out taking a meditative walk today, my thoughts turned to the incredible power that we have to heal our lives. I’ve spent a lot of time pondering healing over the last few years.. I have been exposed to many different healing modalities from Christian prayer and ‘laying on of hands’ to ‘new age’ crystal therapy and homeopathy. I’ve trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Reiki, both using the healing energy of the body – and I have spent some time looking into shamanistic healing, particularly Hawai’ian Huna.

Now, here I am going to talk about one healing process. I need to say, up front, that I am actually a supporter of many of the healing models used – from traditional medicine through chiropractic and osteopathy through to energy healing and the power of prayer. So this is just one technique – but since it’s pretty easy to explain, I thought I would!

While I was in Hawai’i studying with Serge Kahili King, I was introduced to a energy healing practice called DMT or Dynamind Technique. While I’m not keen on the title, I’ve had some good success with the technique. It’s actually a close relative of EFT, as it works on the stored energy in the body.

At some point in the future I might post some thoughts about healing approaches and why they work – and perhaps overturn some of the current conversations about the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics – but for now, I’ll just introduce DMT so you can try it out.

First of all, though, all healing comes from within. It’s part of the body’s nature to heal itself, whether that’s from physical damage, infection, disease, or whether that’s from emotional trauma and hurt. All DMT does is to create a space in which the body is better aligned to healing itself. DMT allows the release of stored tension in the body, allowing the body and mind to re-align itself. But here’s the thing. You don’t actually have to consciously believe that to use this healing technique (or, in fact, any healing technique).

So here’s the process as I was taught it:

  1. Choose a physical, emotional or mental problem to work on.
  2. Bring both hands together, fingertips touching.
  3. Make the following statement, either aloud or silently “I have a problem and that can change. I want that problem to go away”
  4. With two or three fingers, tap each of these points seven times each – the centre of your chest, the area between the thumb and index finger of both hands, the bone at the base of the back of your neck.
  5. Inhale with your attention focussed on the top of your head, then exhale with your attention on your toes (‘piko piko’ breathing)
  6. Repeat for continued and increased benefit. You may find the symptoms shift location and/or intensity – but just repeat.

You can augment DMT by using visualisation – if you give the problem a shape, or a colour, or a sensation (‘it cuts like a knife’ – ‘it’s like an emptiness inside’) then you can choose to change the image. Imagine draining the colour out of it, or changing the colour to something warmer and more loving, or change the direction of movement, or the image itself. Change the knife to a banana (making it funny is great – laughter heals amazingly well). Imagine the emptiness filling up with something wonderful. In the end, it’s your mind that’s going to create the healing for you.

So try it. It’s amazing how well it works. If you like it, use it. If you don’t, then something else will work – just stay open and it will find you.

You can find more details on DMT at the Aloha International web site:


Have fun!


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