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IMGP0015I’m intrigued by patterns. Patterns seem to speak of order, of things happening for a purpose. They speak of design, of there being a reason – of there being an artist, a weaver. Have you ever had one  of those moments when seeming randomness coalesces into structure, and suddenly a pattern is revealed – when the camera pulls back and the whole picture suddenly becomes obvious? So when I see something happening in many places, when I start to discern a pattern, then something in me starts to pay attention… because perhaps there’s something important to learn here.

What’s struck me over the last couple of days is how many of my friends seem to be in a cycle of change right now. One of my friends and colleagues is changing the direction of her business – and her purpose in life – radically. Others are moving home – or country. Some of my friends are searching for new jobs – or becoming restless in the role they currently have. Others are finding new relationships – or releasing relationships that they need to let go of. And others are finding smaller yet no less significant changes in what they believe about themselves, in their hopes and expectations and dreams.

Others are finding change thrust upon them – changing careers, retirement, children (or grandchildren), relationships changing form.  I know that for some those are difficult, uncomfortable transitions.

Even I sense a change in what I am about and what I am doing with my life.. this week new opportunities are opening up, particularly in my social life, that will have a major impact for me. There’s a new freshness about what i am creating – new ideas, new urgency, new intensity, new passion and fire and energy. There seems to be a new energy here – a chance for each one of us to reinvent ourselves – to meet new challenges in new ways, with a new freshness and a new sense of being alive.

And for others, too, I sense that change is just round the corner – I have a feeling that for several more of my friends – maybe for you, too, change is about to happen to bring them into a new and deeper part of their lives, a part where they feel more deeply at peace, more at one with the Universe – a place where they feel they belong more than they ever have before.

IMGP0013So what is that about? I’d love to have a deeply spiritual answer to it all. Perhaps it’s the fact that the warmth of summer sun and its promise of new beginnings is finally (fingers crossed) here at last. Perhaps it’s the solar eclipse and the cosmic alignment. Perhaps it’s the earth’s magnetic core shifting. Perhaps we are seeing some of the shifts promised by the Age of Aquarius, or some other cosmological transition.

I do think it’s the nature of life – the rate of change in the world is increasing at an astronomical (sorry) level. Previously reliable (if not necessarily stable)  economies have faltered. Technological change continues to surprise us, just when we’d got used to the latest new paradigm.

Yet more than that, it’s the nature of life to evolve – and it’s the nature of man to evolve, too. When I look out on the world I see more and more people beginning to decide that there’s more to life. We’re starting to see ourselves as more powerful, more perfect, more incredible beings. We’re starting to understand more of our true nature – to truly comprehend what it means to be human in these days. Over the last fifty years we’ve see huge advances in our understanding of how the mind works – psychological insight and tools like NeuroLinguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy have helped us understand how we think – and to use that understanding to make real and lasting changes in our lives.

I sense that we’re beginning to understand a different level of our true cosmological power – the power to shape our experience in new and even more magical ways. We’re beginning to step from “we’re only human” into the truth of what being human really is – of what we’re truly capable of.

And that’s incredibly exciting. And for me, that’s begun to change the nature of what I am writing about in incredibly exciting ways. So.. what do you do when you find yourself in the middle of cataclysmic, thrilling, scary, tumultuous change? Well, that’s going to have to wait ’til the next post….




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Oh, and ‘up and coming’ news.. many of you know that I’ve had a huge interest in the power of story to shape our lives, and the how the characters that we play can determine our destiny. I’m going to be starting a weekly blog series on the hero’s journey, which is going to be a three month journey into myth, adventure, story – with a nod at movies and fairy tales along the way. You’ll be able to recognize yourself… and free yourself from some of the limiting patterns that you’ve created following that story. You wouldn’t want to miss that..

See you soon

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