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“We believe in the right to make mistakes, to lose everything and to start again from the beginning” – on a sign in ‘Lush’ (A UK cosmetics outlet)image

From Timothy

There’s a lot of rebooting going on at the moment. They are (apparently) going to reboot the Spiderman series… and the Short Circuit movies. Which means, it seems, that they are going to start again rather than do sequels and prequels – to begin again from scratch instead of building on what’s happened before.

We’re familiar, of course, with needing to ‘reboot’ our computers when they crash or when they go slowly. By the way, have you ever wondered WHY it’s called ‘rebooting’? It comes from the good old days of computers back in the 60s and 70s, when computers were started with a ‘bootstrap loader’ (as in ‘pulling yourself up by your boot straps’ (bootlaces)). This little bit of code gave the computer enough instructions for it to be able to start loading its operating systems… of course, similar things happen now – it’s just a lot smoother. In many of the old systems there were a set of switches to be operated in a certain order to load that program. Or so I hear….

Sometimes, in our lives, we need to reboot, too. It might be just a minor thing – like taking time out, or approaching things from a different direction. Sometimes we get so caught up in making something happen that we can’t just let go of it, and start all over again – we’ve got too much invested in what’s happened so far, that to start again would be admitting defeat. But sometimes, that’s what’s needed.

And sometimes, it’s huge things. Sometimes, the reboot is forced on us – when divorce or the end of a love affair causes us to have to rethink and restart our relationships from scratch – or when redundancy or business failures cause us to rethink and restart our careers. Often we are devastated by these events – but often, that’s what’s needed to get us to move to the next phase of our lives. And, you know, we survive the reboot.

Have you ever had one of those days when the computer just seems to get slower and slower.. when you have to choose whether to restart it or soldier on. And how often does simply restarting it cause everything to work so much better? And then again, sometimes, of course, everything locks up tight and there’s nothing we can do. Do we wait and hope that it’ll spring back into life? Do we prod hopefully at the keyboard to see if we can provoke it into some sort of response? Or do we reach, regretfully and with a heavy heart, for the switch to restart it, knowing that we’ve lost all the work that we’ve spent the last three hours on?

Sometimes there are some hard decisions to be made – but sometimes a new start is what’s needed – to tear down what you have built so far and start again. And it’s OK to do that… because when we start again, it’s going to work that much better, go that much faster, and be so much easier. I know that I have had to face the reboot of huge chunks of my life – relationships, finance, career, business, owning property – I have had to restart each one of these from zero all over again. And there is something exciting and exhilarating about it – the chance to begin again with everything that you’ve learned – and do something new.

So don’t fear the reboot – it may be exactly what’s needed to launch you into a whole new era of success and prosperity.

It’s over to you . . .

What do you need to reboot this week… what would benefit from a fresh start? What are you fearing approaching from a completely fresh direction?

And are there thing in your life that you’re hanging on to – that perhaps you need to let go of to create freedom for you?

Just wondering….

…and remember – you are amazing!



original text and images © Timothy Hodgson 2011

2 thoughts on “Reboot!

  1. Surprising, though, how when we clear it all down, get rid of the crap that we installed but didn’t really need, and the stuff that we don’t use – perhaps the things that we’ve installed to protect us against threats that never materialise, or that we’ve hung on to just in case we need them in the future – that suddenly everything runs OK and we don’t need any upgrades….

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