Goddess of Fire

As I walked across the lava on Mauna Kea mountain, climbing the cindercone from one of the mountain’s previous eruptions, I became aware of a different presence on the mountain… the presence of an ancient Goddess, Pele, the Goddess of fire and of volcanoes, the Goddess that had created the mountain… and I found myself understanding that in many ways we have become cold, lacking passion, fire, drive… I prayed for my God to fill me full of that fire, full of that passion – that I might bring love, and warmth, and joy to the world. I felt myself reborn, renewed.. on fire.

And as I watched the sun set over the mountain at Mauna Kea, I knew that God is doing a new thing in this world.. Restoring passion, fire, energy, warmth, to this world. I sensed that there is a new movement coming – taking us beyond the gentle love of the New Age movement, and back to the fiery passion of revival. The sun is setting on the old: God’s pace is picking up and something new is being called into being.

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