Here goes…..

It’s a strange title for a blog, isn’t it? AManOfGod? Perhaps not quite humble enough, perhaps just a little bit arrogant? Maybe a little bit ‘in your face’? Well, I didn’t expect to write this blog.. but I did feel as if I was called to write it. I did feel as if God was asking me to write it, even if no-one ever read it. In fact, my friend and mentor Julie put the idea into my head… and the more I thought about it, the more it felt like the right thing to do… even if no-one else ever read it.

As if there was something inside me burning and longing to get out, to get itself down into words. Some people might think it’s my ego wanting me to do this – an exercise in self publicity and vanity. And yet I know it’s not that, but a longing to tell what this journey has been like so far… the highs, the lows, the fears, the elation, the insights, the dreams. I want to be able to explain what God means to me – how that encounter with the Divine has changed my life. I want to tell the story about my own personal journey, which has very little to do with organised religion, with Christianity, or Buddhism, or New Age, although there’s all of that and more in there.

I want to explore what it’s like to know that I have a connection to the Creator… how that affects who I am, how that changes how I look at life, how I love people, how I choose to live. And I want to introduce people to the God that I know… which will let you become acquainted with the God that you know.

So, what will this blog be? Honestly, I have no idea. Partly it’s my record of my spiritual journey, spanning over 35 years. Partly it’s my up to date experiences of what’s happening right now. Partly it’s a chance for me to demonstrate how an ordinary man can be a spiritual being while still retaining his masculinity, while still living in the real world. How I can bring God into everything that I do, whatever I find myself doing – working, dancing, raising a family, being with friends…

But let’s see, shall we… I’ll start, and we’ll see what happens on this journey.

I want this blog to explore the nature of my relationship with Divinity, with God, with Love, with Source, with the Universal power – however you want to term that Higher Power. I want to explore the way that God shows up in my life… not to tell you ‘this is how it is’ but simply ‘this is how I experience it’. I want to explore my history of knowing God since I was in my early teens, through growing up, through marriage, through divorce, through starting again. I want to explore how that relationship has changed – how I walked away from God and then walked straight back in to God’s arms again.

I want to do this without dogma. I don’t want you to accept anything I say. But I do want you to think. Test it.  Try it.  Consider it. If it works, if it resonates, if something seems to echo in your heart, in your soul, then that’s great. And if it doesn’t… well, that’s great too. God is always speaking… maybe today he will will use the words of this blog – and maybe tomorrow she will use the words of a song, or a beautiful sight, or the insights of a friend. All I ask is that you stay open… and consider that maybe, just maybe, God is ready to speak.

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