The mid point in eternity

(adapted from ‘Celebrate Yourself!’ by Eric Butterworth.)

4233260707_a625f823c9_bHAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s a lovely sentiment, but the new year will bring little that is different for you unless you are different. Each day of the year the sun will rise and life will go on, with things unfolding as you expect them to and as you create them through your levels of consciousness.

And yet, this year is a very special year, for it is the midpoint in eternity. You can start here and go back into the dim past, or forward into the limitless future. You can go forward into the future to achieve anything you can conceive and believe. It is wise to take a brief look into the past year – not in regret, or resistant to change, but with the commitment to form right thoughts about every experience. See them rightly and find beautiful release and freedom.

Don’t go ‘back to work’, ‘back to school’, ‘back to normal’. Never go back to anything. Go forward to the new adventures that each day holds for you. Let the new year be a time of reaching forward with eagerness and anticipation.

Resolve this coming year to look forward with faith and expectancy. Determine that, in the days and months ahead, that you will live each day as if it were the only day of eternity. Go forward into each day in faith that you are at the midpoint of eternity, and at the centre of life, the universe, and of All That Is.

Look within to that in you that is the midpoint of eternity. Vaya con Dios! Go with God! It is the most important year of your life, the mid point between all that you have been and all that you can and will become. Happy awakening to your potential. Happy new release of your imprisoned splendour. Happy new YOU!


(Note from Tim: I came across this today, and felt it summed up how I felt about New Year so well that I had to share it. Eric Butterworth was a minister for Unity Church, and many of his writings have shaped my thought on my own personal spiritual journey)

Photo: Some rights reserved (Creative Commons), photo by Luis Argerich

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