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I’ve been a bit absent from sharing deeper thought over the last few months – much has happened and I have been struggling to make sense of it, and to work out where I go next. Slowly things become clearer on my journey into the future.. I realise that in many ways I have been hiding out, undecided as to what I want to do, yet conscious that there is a lot that I have wanted to say – and yet unsure as to whether any of that held real value to anyone, whether it was worth sharing. I have found myself of one mind with Rumi when he said “Everyone has been called for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put into their heart“, and yet I was afraid that I had missed something important – or that I was in some way disqualified.

It has been an uncomfortable and uncertain time for me in many many ways, some of which I have written about before – but I find myself in the same situation as Anaïs Nin: “Then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom.”

I have wanted for a while to give some focus to my blogging and writing, to share what I believe – to go deeper into my own spiritual and life journey and unlock some of the secrets of the keys to Life.. to be an agent for Peace, to tread a path of Freedom, of Love, and of Kindness, to be in some way a wayfinder. I don’t claim to have any answers, just reflections on what I feel to be true, and the reason I share them is because those messages are actually intended first for me. And if others find them helpful, then that’s great.

And so much of what I write is intended for me, as I try and make sense of what I believe. I have moved some way from the simplistic Judeo-Christian beliefs of my youth as I find myself embracing New Thought, Buddhism, Taoism and more in my own personal world view.. and so much of what I write is bringing together what I feel. I hope I share it with humility, with wisdom, and with kindness.

As I say on my new blog “I cannot tell you the shape of your faith. I can only tell you the shape of mine, and help you catch the echoes in your own soul.”

I feel very much like Jack Kerouac when he said ” I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion” – in many ways I am simply trying for myself to make sense of what I see – surrounded by my own confusions and conflicts, fears, doubts and weaknesses. This may yet be the most personal part of my journey so far, but as I was out walking today, asking where I could learn more, and where I could find someone to teach me, a still small voice inside asked “and at what point in your life are you going to start to share what you have already learned?” I hope that in some way I shall be a wayfinder – to seek to discover a path that rings true out of all that I find faces us.

For me, it’s time to write and blog again, without any expectation of what this might become, but merely as a vehicle for me to share what’s on my heart: so here’s what’s happening to my on line stuff, as far as I know: and it all starts with a question . . .

Who are you?

I’m conscious that my Facebook friends fall into several groups – those who are part of the dance world, those who have been part of my coaching and personal development journey, those I have worked with or studied with, and those I have encountered as we have shared moments of our own personal spiritual quests. And then there are friends and family and other folk that have gathered round me as the great tumbleweed spins through life. Some of my friends pop up all over the place, disappearing from one part of my life only to resurface, unexpectedly, elsewhere…

Because of the wide range of people on my pages, I’ve often found myself being limited as to what I post on my wall – in trying to be all things to all men and avoid controversy and criticism, I have found myself not expressing myself as clearly, as lucidly or as radically as I want to.

So I’m not going to be publishing everything everywhere – but I know that many of you will want to stay in touch with what I am writing.

Here’s what I am hoping will happen…

My main web page at will remain as the main ‘go to’ place for my work, including my books and more. Expect to see that grow in coming months.

Remember…You are Amazing will continue to be a place for me to post little reminders of just how incredible, gifted, talented and wonderful each one of us is. I’ll probably carry on posting those on my personal Facebook page as well as on the Facebook page Just to Remind You – You’re Amazing. Because I can. Although I might not.

Importantly, I’m going to be stepping up a gear on my other blogs:

Shape of my Soul will be a very personal blog exploring my own personal take on spirituality and on faith. I am still (and always will be) on a journey to discover what I believe and understand – a draughty journey without the traditional pillars of faith and belief that continues to take me into new territory and causes me to explore new world views and assemble my own statement of faith.

In particular I plan on starting a series specifically exploring my adventures in studying the Tao Te Ching, which has come to life for me in a very real way of late.

I will try and bring that together with more stuff on my main “Tim Hodgson” blog – thoughts and observations on how the world works, and how we can explore our own personal power and step into a new freedom to truly live our lives.

I will be posting updates to my Tim Hodgson – Exploring the Power of You Facebook page so take a trip over there and ‘Like’ that page if you want to stay up to date on Facebook. Those posts are very unlikely to make it onto my personal Facebook page. And I will be wrapping it all up into one little package for newsletter subscribers at

That should help me be clearer about who I am writing for, and allow me to go deeper where it matters. These are exciting times, and I’m glad to be getting back into sharing what’s on my heart again. There’s a lot of amazing stuff starting to bubble up as the future becomes clearer and my purpose and mission starts to unfold.

So, Facebook friends.. if you’re happy just to stay friends on Facebook… that’s great. No action needed.

If you want to make sure you get some reminders and inspiration that will make you think.. then hop over to Just to Remind You – You’re Amazing and like the page there.

And if you want to engage with me on some of the other deeper stuff then take a trip to Tim Hodgson – Exploring the Power of You and like that page.

Looking forward to chatting some more . . .



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