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Say YesSo here it is, at last – the programme that I’ve been working on since I returned from my travels. I’ve taken a lot of time out to understand what I wanted to do – what I wanted to create, what was longing to be created through me. That thought process hasn’t always been easy, as I have faced my own personal demons, my own doubts and fears, insecurities and hangups. I’ve been forced to confront my weaknesses – and also to confront and accept my own gifts and talents. And I’ve been continually reminded by those who know me best to step out of the shadows and stop hiding.

So that’s led me to now – to this programme that I have called ‘The Power of You‘. I am really excited (and not a little bit nervous) to find out where it will take me – and where it will take those who dare to share the journey with me. I know that sometimes I am going to be simply walking by faith and trusting that I am going in the right direction. But I hope that by sharing some of my understandings, my convictions and my insights, the stuff that I have learned on my own personal journey, that you will be encouraged to understand just how amazing you are, and just what’s possible. I don’t have all the answers.. but I know that I have some. It feels right to me, now, to just start. To unpack some of the things I have learned, and to see where that leads. A lot of people are really going to love it. Some people are going to hate it. And that’s OK. I don’t need to convince anyone. I just need to share what I’ve come to understand, and let it find the people it can help. For those of you who are interested in learning a bit more of my journey, I’ve put some of my experiences into a very personal blog post HERE.

I know that some folk won’t feel any particular affinity with this programme – and that’s fine by me. Really. Each of us has our own path to walk, our own discoveries to make. Perhaps you’ll return to this some time in the future – or perhaps you will explore your own truth, make your own journey of discovery into what’s real for you. That’s cool. Very cool.

Others are going to want to know what I’m saying. You’re going to want to hear what I’ve discovered. You want to learn and grow, to understand more about who you are and what you can bring to the world. You want to discover your own gifts and be able to step into being amazing, wonderful, fabulous. You want to be able to make a difference – to make this world a better place.

If that’s you, then I would really like you to be part of this. It’s early days yet, but I do want to invite you to come along for the journey of exploration into what’s possible.

You can find out more – lots more – at my web site www.timothyhodgson.com.


So, what do I see coming? Well, here goes

x-defaultFirst of all, I’m creating my flagship programme ‘Pathway to Power’. This is a free weekly programme that will explore your own personal power and that you’re truly capable of. We’re going to be diving into the worlds of NLP, metaphysics, spiritual thought, practical advice and more to discover just what we’re capable of. We’re going to be exploring the gifts that we bring and how we can use them to change our world. You’ll also receive my new series ‘Walking with Heroes’, exploring the mythic stories that shape our lives – learning from myth, story and legend as well as movies and TV to reveal some of the truths about who we are and the heroes inside. Along with that I’ll be extending ‘Just to Remind You – You Are Amazing’ as a ‘Thought for the Week’.. (you may have already discovered that on Facebook HERE) and then wrapping all of that into a weekly programme along with news and insights from some of the other incredible teachers that I have come to love and value – some famous, some of whom are my closest friends – but all of them have something special and unique to contribute.

You can sign up for ‘Pathway to Power’ HERE.


coming-soonSo, what else? I’ve just withdrawn my two e-courses on Confidence and Prosperity. I’m going to be building these into newer and bigger e-products, particularly targetted at the Kindle, making them available to a wider audience. I’ve also withdrawn my older hypnosis products and my guide to setting up a coaching business in order to focus more clearly on ‘The Power of You’ – although my book ‘Free Your Mind – Release Your Dreams’ is still available HERE.

I’m working on some incredibly powerful meditation programmes that will help you on your journey of inner discovery, help you connect with your inner being, and, naturally, help you relax and get centred. Oh, and a whole lot more besides!

IMGP1589The ‘Power of You’ banner actually allows me to do a lot. So on one hand I am going to be looking to develop a course that will help you master your life with NLP – with some insights from my mastery of martial arts that leaves you with all the tools you need to build the life you want – without all the extras that a full NLP certification demands – and with a few surprises and unique tools that are very different from traditional NLP models. I’ll probably also be looking at some programmes for speakers, presenters and teachers – empowering people who suddenly find themselves in the public eye.

I’ll also be looking way beyond ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Law of Attraction’ to create a programme that will take you deep into the metaphysical laws that this universe is created on – laws that are as certain as gravity and allow you to create the life you truly want – that will take you way beyond prosperity and lead you into abundance, wealth, success and fulfilment in a whole new way.

I’m also excited about a new audio product that I’m developing that fuses story and meditation, guided visualisation and self discovery, time in the silence with new tools to unlock your life and your inner intuitive powers.

and moreWorkshops. e-books. Classes. Seminars. Products. Mentor programmes. It seems as if I have so many ideas I don’t know quite where to start. but right now feels like the right place to begin, and see where it all leads me. For me, it’s a very exciting time, and a very scary time. yet at least, for the first time for many, many years the way ahead seems clear.

And to all of you who have supported me through some of these painful times of deep introspection – friends, family, students, dancers, coaches – all those who have dared to believe in me and encouraged me to keep going – from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. You will probably never know how much your love and encouragement has meant to me. I’m back.


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