Special offer–Tim’s book for £1 (yup, really)

Jumpstart Front v2Special offer! Maybe to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Maybe to celebrate my escape from Cambodia. Maybe just because.

Actually, this offer went out on the EuroCoach board this week, but since it’s such a good offer, I thought I would make the same offer to you guys. I’m looking to create even more prosperity in my life, and so I’m sowing a seed by giving away (or near enough) an electronic (PDF) copy of my book on how to start a coaching business – “Jump Start Your Coaching Business”. For £1. Really. £0.85 plus VAT. I wanted to offer it for free but my shopping card won’t let me! I want to give others the chance to be successful in their life.. and this felt like a good way to do that.

Now, hold on a second, you’re probably saying ‘but I don’t HAVE a coaching business, and neither do I want one’. OK, fair enough. But consider this . . .

a) this book is an extension of my other book, Jump Start Your Therapy Business. So if you have (or are thinking of having) a therapy business of any form, be it reiki, massage, hypnotherapy, NLP and so on… well, this is the book for you (the reason I wrote two books was because I couldn’t find a way of writing ‘coaches and therapists’ without the book getting clumsy. And because there’s a whole load of NLP secrets in the bigger book that I didn’t want the therapists finding out about. Oops.

b) I am probably going to produce a book which might get called ‘Jump Start Your Life’ based on the contents of this book. So you might get in on the secrets of that book really early.

c) there’s a whole load of NLP tips and tricks in there from NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and even, I seem to recall, Trainer level..

d) the books on Amazon for £20 at the moment!

So you might want to get a copy anyway.

You can find the offer HERE

Jumpstart Front v2Jumpstart Back v2

And if you want even more detail, well, here’s the offer that went to the guys at EuroCoach . . . .

Hi there.. You know, one of the questions I often get asked by newly trained coaches and NLP practitioners is “What do I do next?” Participants want to know how to use the incredible tools they learn to create their own business – perhaps as life coaches or corporate coaches, or to help people breakthrough the barriers as an NLP coach. People want to know everything from how to set up in business and how to operate their company through to how to market themselves, how to get clients and how much to charge. Often our coaching training covers the process of how to coach – and not how to create a business out of it.

“Jump Start Your Coaching Business” takes apart the mechanics of setting up in business as a coach or as an NLP practitioner. I cover

  • What beliefs you need to become incredibly successful

  • What you need to do to set up your business

  • How to make sure you keep improving

  • How to get clients easily

  • The power of networking

  • Keys to making effective pitches for business

  • How referrals can boost your client list

  • What equipment and facilities you will need

  • The power of your personal brand

  • What documents you need to run your business

I also explain:

  • The key mistakes coaches make when marketing themselves

  • Why offering ‘free coaching’ can be counter productive

  • How to communicate effectively to achieve your goals

  • How to keep yourself safe when working with people

If you’ve ever wondered just how easy it would be to set up in business as a coach, or if you’ve started creating your own business already, you should get hold of a copy of this book. It runs to nearly 240 pages as an A4 manual, and contains exercises, sample documents and letters.

To celebrate my return to training, coaching and personal leadership development, you can get hold of a special PDF copy of this guide to creating the business of your dreams at http://heartstorm.org/page9.htm, priced at… well, not very much at all. In fact, priced at £1. No misprints. No typing errors. £1.

Now, this used to sell for around £20-£40 and it’s on Amazon for that at the moment. But I wanted to sow a seed and help some others get ahead and become successful, as part of my own intention to create a new level of success in my life. In fact, I wanted to give it away free, but my cart won’t let me.

For a limited time, I am also offering a download of some of the key documents that you’ll need to get started – use them ‘as is’ or customise them to your own needs. I’ve included my coaching process, my enquiry documents and questionnaires along with NLP based tools and processes in this resource file that will have you up and running quickly with the essential documents that you need to get going. Now, most of this is actually in the manual, and if you want, you can copy them out from the manual and amend them yourselves. That’s up to you. Or, you could save yourself some time and get the download set. And one of the things you need to know right from the start is that time… is money. You can get that download for £14.95 for a limited time only.

The downloads are also available at http://heartstorm.org/page9.htm

So, what are you waiting for. Go get your copy now, before I start to see sense! Go to http://heartstorm.org/page9.htm

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