Remembering Love

Tim Freke shared this with his newsletter… and I thought I would share it too

It’s from Jacques Decour who was a French resistance fighter in World War II and taken from a letter to his family. He was executed by the Germans aged 32.

"Now each of us is preparing to die …We are preparing, thinking about what is to come, about what is going to kill us without your being able to do anything to defend ourselves …  This is truly the moment for us to remember Love.  Did we love enough? Did we spend hours a day marvelling at other people, being happy together, feeling the value of contact, the weight and the worth of hands, eyes, bodies?  Do we yet really know how to devote ourselves to tenderness?  Before we pass away in the trembling of an earth without hope, it is time to become, entirely and definitely, love, tenderness, and friendship, because there is nothing else.  We must swear to think of nothing anymore but loving, loving, opening our souls and our hands, looking with our best eyes, clasping what we love tightly to ourselves, walking free from anxiety, and radiant with affection.

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