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A while back, over in my ‘Explore the Adventure’ blog, I told the story of how I lost my passport for the second time… and I promised you that I would let you know what learning I got from that incident. I mean, once is one thing, but TWICE? TWICE? So maybe there is something to learn here.

I happen to believe that the things that happen to us are significant, if we choose for them to be – they are messages, if we are open and listening, from a friendly Universe to each of us. Every whisper, if we are open to it, can be a message. The words of a song, the storyline of a movie, the words of a billboard – all of them speak. The insights of a child, or something you read in a novel – all of these can convey deep and timeless truth.

I have received insights from Lush cosmetics ("We believe in the right to make mistakes, to lose everything and to start again from the beginning") and from TV show Hustle (Mickie – "How does a man with my limited knowledge of the human psyche know when the time is right?" Emma – "He doesn’t – he just has to roll the dice and see what happens").

I also believe that we create our own reality – that what we think is ‘bad luck’ is something that we have actually created in our lives – probably unconsciously. We created it because in some way it serves us, or because in some way we have created the conditions for it to occur. What we don’t realise is that we are, in essence, supernatural beings with the power to create our own reality. But we are.. and we do.. and sometimes that’s unexpected.

So, what was there for me to learn from this? My wonderful friend Heather asked me about it, and I’ve extended and rewritten my answer to this – because in her asking the question, she prompted some thoughts in me. She has a habit of doing that. And I bounced it off another wonderful friend and colleague, Jackie ( – exciting new product coming soon), who has a way of understanding the hidden messages with what’s going on who also gave me some wisdom too.

At one level, maybe it’s just about taking care of stuff, about getting organised, about not rushing around so much, about knowing where things are. At another level, perhaps it’s about paying attention to what’s going on – to not live in my little world of wonder quite so much.

But also, considering the other things I have lost, and the fact that I lost TWO passports. It’s almost as if I wasn’t listening, and so I had to lose my passport the second time so I would really hear the message. Is this from ‘God’ or from my subconscious mind? And what, Neale Donald Walsch would say, would be the difference?! And I think, too, we make up our own meanings – or in other words, I can choose what it means.

So after some reflection, this is what I believe – this is what I am choosing to learn from the experience.

There’s several threads to this. And as you read, maybe you will see some of your own patterns here, too….

I think I felt guilty about being able to have all this fun and freedom, to have this adventure be made possible by some of the things I got ‘wrong’ in my life – and so I sabotaged myself in the adventure… and I think I have also done that in a lot of other ways in my life too. I couldn’t believe that I could be so ‘lucky’ for this to happen – despite the fact that I created the opportunity through the hard work I have put in over the years that created the financial prosperity that allowed it to become a reality.

I also suspect that I may have created this simply to be a bit of a ‘victim’ – to get some sympathy from people, to have a story to tell. To create, as it were, a bit of a drama. And so a lot of the way I have chosen to respond to this has been about taking responsibility, about fixing it and getting it right – and deciding that I am in charge of my life, and I create the results from it.

And yet, also, I think that subconsciously, I the ‘challenge’ of travel had waned… and so I created something different to keep the excitement level up

I’ve learnt huge amounts about prosperity, about what being prosperous really means – and what it doesn’t…. and that is going to be coming out in new programmes in the autumn too.

I think too that there was a sense of being called to a ‘new identity’ – that point became a watershed between an old me and a new me – and hence my decision to use ‘Timothy Hodgson’ for my public persona.

I have also spent some of this time considering what is ‘new’ for me – how I can use this experience to be a different version of ‘me’ – that there is a huge amount of newness about it. I don’t want to go back to the UK and just go back to being who I was – I sense that I have shifted significantly, becoming more of who I really am, through this journey. We can choose this in every moment, by the way – to choose to respond differently today from how we responded yesterday… to choose a new version of Who We Are.

There was certainly a sense of ‘stop’ that needed to happen in the huge rush to get round the world – as if I was simply charging from place to place, and I needed time out to think. And that time out has been incredibly productive – I am really excited about what’s been coming out from the think time I have been having.

Have I met some important people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise? Maybe. Have I had some conversations that I would not have had otherwise? Certainly. Have I avoided a different disaster – injury or illness perhaps? Perhaps. Have I learned some important things that will help me in future? I suspect so.

At a fundamental level, I believe that this has all worked out perfectly – that exactly the right things have happened to me.  Certainly the end of my tour is a bit more leisurely – I have a month to get through Nepal and India as opposed to 14 days. It’s possible that I might get more time in Tibet than I expected while I wait for a visa. There is something that’s flowing in my heart that Tibet is going to be very significant in some way for me – almost as if the last few stops on this trip are going to demonstrate what it’s all about. I don’t know, yet.

There is meaning, if we choose for there to be, in everything that happens to us. From the ups and the joys and the exhilaration, the moments when we simply KNOW that Love is speaking to us in a different way – to the tough moments, the downs, the time we spend in despair. It’s all showing us something to learn from. And also, I am certain, in all of this, we are being taken care of. We are being loved, we are being held, we are being kept safe. Or, as one of my teachers would put it ‘Everything is Working Out Perfectly’.

Brambuk Centre (15)Just felt another picture would be nice – this one from Oz


I’m going to blog some more on this – to share a little of what I believe about the way we create our reality, and some more on hearing the whisper of the Divine too. So make sure you get those, and sign up to regular updates on this blog – it’s on the top at the right!

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