Thoughts from horseback

From my journal after sitting at the top of the San Juan Gooseneck Canyon, after watching the lightning light up the sky, and seeing the moon hang low and full…

Mine is a ministry of power – not blessing, or love, or peace, or freedom – but of a reconnection to power. That’s why rock and roll is so important to me – because it brings power and passion and fire, it creates movment!

I will be someone who helps people reconnect to courage and to power in people who have forgotten who they are. And I am not sure the right word is ‘power’ – it is perhaps more about ‘miracles’.

I am going to be moving into healing, creation, new energy – and I have thecredentials to do it. Anyone can rebuild a business after it has been stripped out by issues over ‘tax’ or ‘recession’ – but when someone knows it is their fault and their fault alone- well, when I overcome that I will have demonstrated a miracle. And I am about to whow the world how to do exatly that.

My gift is to connect people to their power – to give them courage. So these are going to be huge value indicators for me.

Only I can give away my power – and only by the action of giving it away – not because of ‘failure’ or ‘sin’. And we cannot be disempowered by words, or government, or anything else – only by owur own choice to be disempowered.

It’s time – time for me to start.

A trip on a horse

I really felt I should reconnect to my vision of creating a Leadership Adventure Centre (or similar) – That might be in the USA, and might have horses in it; God was saying that all the experiences I had had were desgined to equip me to create this – whether being confident on a horse, or being able to give of my gift.. Everything has been designed to bring me to this point.. God says ‘if you build it, they will come’ – and it will be a place created and built by God, not byme. The place will have no reality unless God builds it.

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