Tuk tuks… a new perspective

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It’s funny how life’s lessons come to us through the most surprising routes. Regular readers of Explore The Adventure will have realised that a) I am fascinated by the varieties of tuktuks around… and b) that I am getting increasingly frustrated by the constant invitation from tuktuk and moto drivers ‘Hello… where you going….?’ which interrupts my thought process and also, I hate saying ‘no’ all the time. Until today.

I’ve had a bit of a perspective shift over the last few days – I’ve spent a LOT of time on this trip understanding who I am, and how much God/Love/The Universe/Life/Universal Intelligence wants to bless me and bring true prosperity into my life. I’ve been reading some amazing stuff by Joel Osteen, by Randy Gage, by Napoleon Hill, Robert Anthony and more of the real ‘prosperity authors’ of the early part of the 20th century.Of which more (a LOT more) another time.

But what I realised was that tuk tuk drivers are simply looking for an opportunity to be helpful. To be of service. Sure, they want to make a living, and they’re not above trying to rip you off (although I have to say that those in Cambodia have been very genuine and fair). I asked one to take me to the immigration office today, which is quite a trip (out to the airport) – he asked me for $7 and I got him down to $6 (because that’s what I had been charged earlier). When he found out I wanted him to take me back for another $5 he nearly passed out with joy. He got more money (for a trip back that he would have to make) and he didn’t have to hassle anyone for it.

So now, whenever I’m hailed by a tuktuk driver, I smile, decline politely and smile to myself at just how much this is, as Einstein suggested, a friendly universe, one that’s on our side. You see, if we think that everyone is out to take advantage of us… then that’s what we’ll get. If we think that everyone is on our side and wants to help us… well, then we’re going to see far more of that in our lives.

Anyway, I’ve started to notice how in all sorts of ways the Universe is set up to provide blessing and goodness to us. Actually, to give us what we desire. What we do, though, is to block that for various reasons. I’m going to be exploring that on this blog as we look to Journey Into Power and recover our birthright.

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