If we have no peace . . .

. . . it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other (Mother Teresa)

One of the rules of the Universe is that whenever we decide to BE something (to be love, to be joy, to be abundant, whatever) – immediately we make that decision, the exact opposite will come into our experience. This is the Law of Opposites, and it’s designed so that we know what the true experience of being that is like. We’ve all come across this – when we decide that we are going to be joyful, then something appears which causes us some discomfort. We decide that this year we are going to be rich – and suddenly some sort of financial calamity hits us. And how many wealthy people only became rich AFTER losing everything?

There’s another principle at work, too. Because the Universe responds to our creative power, the energy that we are creating at the point of deciding ‘I am going to be joyful’ is one of recognising that we are not that (even if we intend to be. So the result in our creation is exactly what we say – ‘I am not yet joyful’. ‘I am not yet abundant’

Now, as we learn to control that, as we decide to be joyful no matter what, then the creation engine at the heart of the Universe gets the message, and starts to create what we are looking to experience – the Universe starts to catch up with us, if you will.


So, perhaps it was a bit of a risk to declare that I really wanted to be peace – not only to experience peace on a day to day basis, but to be an active manifestation of peace to others – to be a peace bringer, a peace maker, a real source of true peace in the world. And it was especially risky to declare that when I was travelling…

You see, I had spent so much time in Buddhist temples, and with the easygoing people of Thailand, that I could actually feel myself changing inside. I began to KNOW that I had a very deep inner peace – not just for my own experience, but so that I could share that with others. And comments that people had made came to mind too – a previous boss who said I should work in the Northern Island peace process. A grateful event co-ordinator who realised that as soon as I turned up to help her get ready, everything calmed down. Friends who have commented on how much more safe and certain they feel after a conversation with me.. even if I have no wisdom, something about my presence and my energy is reassuring for them.


Which of course left me ill prepared for what happened next…

While travelling on the ferry down the Mekong river in Laos, I found myself late for the ferry – worried we would be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Recognising what was going on, I took care to relax and to create peace inside myself.

Mekong Day 1 (37)

The fact that my friend found that she had lost her camera – just after the ferry had departed – did nothing to improve the situation. Although, within, I still felt a huge sense of calm, I knew that it would be so easy to simply give in to worry and panic. As the trip went on, it became clear that she had lost not only her camera, but her credit cards… fortunately her passport was safe.

We spent the evening trying to find her stuff – phoning back to a town where telephones were unusual, and English wasn’t their strong point. Eventually, after several hours, we gave up… by which time most of the restaurants had shut, and we hadn’t been able to get any money out.

So after a scant few hours of troubled sleep, we woke ready for the trip across Laos to the border at Vientiane. All our previous trips had been successful – and yet when we arrived in Vientiane bus station we were told that the bus to Bangkok left from somewhere else entirely. And there began a mad journey across Laos.. first into Vientiane town centre, where I realised I hadn’t enough money to pay the taxi driver… and a frantic rush up the street to the ATM managed to get us enough cash to pay him. Then we discover that the bus leaves from the border, around 10km away – and another mad dash in a tuk tuk. Change our money back. Pass Laos passport control. Pass Thai immigration. Negotiate with the minibus driver to get us to Nong Khai.

So, when we get to the bus station, there should be a bus ticket waiting for us, yes? No. I negotiated for the last couple of seats on the bus, got some more money from the ATM (inwardly cursing the travel agency) and turned round to see the ticket seller shutting her booth. Remonstrations didn’t help, as she slammed the gate shut – fortunately, the bus driver pointed me at another office… and we were on the bus.

And the next day wasn’t much better. It seems that in the course of taking money out of the ATM, I managed to lose my credit cards as well. fortunately, unlike my friend, I had spares… but the logistics of sorting all of that took the best part of the afternoon.

And then, finally… we couldn’t find the bus. Rather than trust the process, I decided to go off in search of the bus myself.. which meant that we missed the guy who came to collect us. Somewhat chagrined and sheepish, he met us later, and we made it onto the bus to Krabi.

So, what did I learn? Well, lots of lessons about organisation, for one – making sure I know where things are and taking care of stuff. Double checking that I know what’s going to happen when. Making sure that I leave plenty of time to get places – and making sure that I am not rushing around. Being certain that i know exactly what’s expected of me and what needs to be done.

I’m not the most organised person – but it just felt as if the Universe was saying to me… you’re going to need these skills in future – learn them now.

And, of course, i learned how to hold my peace when all around me was falling apart. Did I get it right? No, absolutely not. Did I do better than I thought? Yes. Will I live more deeply in peace next time? Yes, I will.

Life brings us some crazy lessons, some times – but I have been helped to remember who I truly am – and part of that is as a bringer of peace. And for that, I am grateful.

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