The magic kitten

I remembered this story this morning, and it made me smile so much that I just had to share it. I got this from one of my favourite authors, Joel Osteen – his books have been a permanent companion on my trip round the world. I don’t agree with everything he says, but when he talks about the favour of God and how to create the life of your dreams… well, it’s worth listening to.  He’s one of the few American preachers that I really like and trust – and he has the biggest church in America (I think the biggest church in the world is still Paul Yonggi Cho’s in South Korea. See – tell him I sent you.

I’m writing this from memory, so please forgive me if I don’t get it quite right….


ANYWAY. Are you sitting comfortably?

A little girl out in America desperately wanted a kitten. She longed for one, prayed for one – and pestered her mom for one. “No, there is no way we are having a kitten”. This went on for weeks until one day in desperation, her mom said “the only way we are going to have a kitten is if God sends us one”.

The next day, the little girl knelt down in the yard and prayed “God, please send me a kitten”. The next thing she knew, a small bundle of fur and feet fell out of nowhere and landed at her feet. Thrilled, she ran into the house and showed her mom the kitten that God had delivered in answer to her prayers.

A few weeks later, the family found out what had happened. Apparently, the kitten had got stuck in a tree a couple of  blocks away, and to try and get it down the householder had tied a rope to the tree and was hauling the tree down with his SUV. The rope slipped, catapulting the surprised kitten into the little girl’s yard.

That’s the way Joel tells it… so just think – what magic has Divine Intelligence got up its sleeve in answer to your prayers, your dreams, your longings? You do HAVE those prayers, dreams and longings, don’t you? Well – that’s the sort of stuff we’re going to start exploring in ‘Journey Into Power’… coming soon.

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