A blessing for the new year

I guess it’s the time of year for musing and pondering – so now that the fog and haze of the New Year celebration has worn off, and the reality of that New year resolution is kicking in – let me add some thoughts to the mix.

Change is what life’s all about – while visiting the Great Ocean Road between Christmas and New Year, it was truly in evidence for me. The beauty of the Ocean Road is in the remarkable cliffs, the breath-taking seascapes, the stacks and arches and islands created by the energy of wind and water, the abrasion of sand and stone. And perhaps that’s a little bit of what life’s like – nothing truly beautiful is created without energy – without something that stirs up the elements into action. And nothing of beauty is really created without friction – those big events or little day to day matters that work away at our lives, getting rid of those parts of our lives that are not really serving us working away at changing us little by little.

Gibbson Steps (31)

But even these huge stacks and sea chimneys, the arches carved over time, are not immune to the effects of change. The amazing beauty of the Twelve Apostles is changed daily by the sea, the wind, the effects of that power causing the coast to recede at a rate of 2cm every year. The rock pinnacles carved into extraordinary shapes are not immune to the relentless pressure of the elements – eventually, each of them will collapse into the sea… one of the reasons why there are only 8 Apostles now (the other reason being that there never were 12 in the first place). The same effect caused one of the arches of the London Bridge formation to collapse.. in fact, the collapse of a sea arch is what creates the stack in the first place.. it is necessary for one thing of beauty to be transformed into another.

And yet the sea is still at work creating new works of art – there are more sea stacks and arches being created even now.

Instead of writing my goals for 2011, I wrote down what I wanted the year to be like – a series of feelings and emotions that I wanted to experience, characteristics that I wanted to find in my life this year. Sure, from these goals will emerge.

And I wish the same for each of you this year. So let this be my 2011 blessing on each of you.


May 2011 be full of the kind of joy that makes you glad to be alive, that sets your heart soaring and makes your soul dance. May you have adventures that you never dreamed of, that take you to places you never thought you’d go. May it be truly fun, so that you laugh, and clap and cheer just for the sheer exuberance of it all. May it be a year of growing.. where you learn things you never thought you would, where your life becomes richer and fuller because of the way that you develop through it. May it cause you to go deeper – to become more thoughtful, more in tune with the Universe, and more truly you than ever before – where you discover a new meaning to your life and to the world.

May this year be a year of miracles and magic for you – where you create the sort of luck that changes lives – including your own. May it be a time when your faith in yourself, in your God, in Love, or in the Universe becomes real and powerful. May it be a time of healing for soul, for mind, for body. May it bring you close to family, to friends, and to people you have never met before. May it be a year of blessing, as blessings come to you and as blessings pour from you to others, and as love flows in ways you have never experienced before.

May it be a time of romance – perhaps the rekindling of a romance that may have become stale, or a time for new romances that take your breath away.

May 2011 bring freedom – freedom in your finances, freedom in your lifestyle, and freedom to do the things that you love. May it be a time of true wealth, where success and prosperity and abundance become easy friends to you.

WizardAnd may it be a year when you step into your own truth – where your life’s purpose becomes real for you and you emerge from the shadows to claim your rightful place on the world’s stage, a place that you may never have dreamed you would take, a place of leadership, a place where the blessing of Love flows from you, a time of passion and of commitment – a time when you know you can be confident simply being yourself – that glorious, wonderful being that’s unique in the world and whose gifts the world longs to experience.



May 2011 be a year when you truly become you – and where your dreams, your hopes, your longings, your plans begin to come wonderfully, beautifully, magically, incredibly… true.


2 thoughts on “A blessing for the new year

  1. Tim, that was so beautiful, so rich and meaningful. It made me smile to read it and touched my heart.

    I hope that it’s ok to print it out. I’d like a reminder of it for the days, weeks and months to come.

    Thanks for taking this journey and for the inspiration that you are.

  2. Tim

    I have to tell you I feel blessed just reading your words. Thank you for taking the time to write and send them. The reason I feel blessed is that I have a strong feeling that you really mean everything you say.

    And, because of this, I believe all those blessings will come back to you to!

    We should all remember that ‘things’ don’t always happen the way we plan or want them to, but sometimes ‘things’ happen for a better reason – a reason we couldn’t imagine (possibly?)

    2011 is going to be an amazing year for me. I know that. I feel happy but also expectant….. am excited!

    Wishing you, and any of your friends who read this, lots of love and hope for a very bright future.

    Lisa X

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