THOUGHTS – Living from the heart

One of my mentors and teachers, Julie, recently challenged me to change the way I was living.  She believed that I was spending far too much time in my head, and not enough in my heart.  What she meant was that my thinking was guiding all my decisions – which is OK, because at least it’s rational thought.  But the higher place, considering who I want to be, is to live from my heart – to live from a place of love, a place where my soul guides me as to what works and what doesn’t.

Now, while the mind can make judgements about what it knows, it can’t make judgements about what it doesn’t.  Yet our hearts act as a doorway between the physical world and the unseen world.  And that means that our hearts have access to far more wisdom, far more knowledge, far more experience, far more truth than our heads will ever do.

So I am learning.  Slowly.  What Julie advised me to do was to simply let my awareness drift down from my head to my chest area – to sense what I was feeling, what was happening inside me.  As I did, then first off I would get a feeling in my heart as to whether that was right or not – whether I was living at peace with myself, or I was living in conflict with myself.  If I am on the right path, then I feel at peace with myself.  I might feel nervous, sure.  I might feel tense, or angry, or any one of a myriad emotions.  But at my core, at a heart level, I will be at peace with myself.

Once I know that, then I have access to more information.  I can ask my heart about anything, knowing that it will respond to my every thought, and will provide the answers in a way that I can hear them.

A brilliant brilliant book on this is Jack kornfield’s Path of the Heart.  Jack is an American Buddhist teacher who really knows how to get in touch with heart level ‘beingness’.  Another surprising teacher is Drunvalo Melchizedek, with his book “Living in the Heart”.

Am I good at listening to my heart…. Absolutely not.  But my heart is, as Julie observes, starting to run a big chunk of the show.  And as I meditate and pray, my heart starts to run even more of the show, starts to connect me to another realm.  And I become calmer, more peaceful, more connected to those around me and more loving.

So, yet again, I am learning.  Slowly… but I am getting there.

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